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Ahri RPG: Poro Farm V2.2 MOD APK (Immortality)

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The game seamlessly blends relaxing gameplay with intriguing combat mechanisms, all while offering in-depth upgrade systems and strategic card choices to enhance Ahri's abilities.

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Ahri RPG: Poro Farm is an interesting and lovely arcade game. Hey, arcade game and League of Legends enthusiasts! If you are looking for an arcade game fulling of lovely elements, then you’d better not miss the chance to step into the world of Ahri RPG: Poro Farm, developed by DOOMSDAY Studio. Get ready for an adventure that’s as fluffy as a Poro’s fur and as entertaining as a Piltovan carnival!

Ahri RPG: Poro Farm

Introduction about Ahri RPG: Poro Farm

First things first, let’s talk about the basics. Ahri RPG: Poro Farm, developed by DOOMSDAY Studio, is not your typical arcade game. It’s a virtual paradise where the fun never stops, and the Poro antics are in full swing. Once it released, it attract a lot of attentions with its adorable charatcers and addicative gameplay.

Now, picture this: a land where Poro creatures roam freely, bouncing around with joy, and the sun always shines on fields of pixelated flowers. That’s the setting of “Ahri RPG: Poro Farm.” It’s a place where the Poro Farm is the heart of the action, and you are tasked with the cutest chores.

But don’t be fooled by the adorable setting and there’s more to this farm than meets the eye. The Poro creatures may be cute, but they have their mischievous side, and you must overcome various and difficult challenges of running a Poro Farm while keeping these fluffy friends happy.

Ahri RPG: Poro Farm

Outstanding features


The core of the game revolves around the serene and enjoyable task of collecting charming Poros for a dedicated farm. This farm not only preserves the loveable creatures but also generates love points as you continually interact with each Poro in your own unique style. The journey introduces opportunities to discover impressive Poros, diversifying the lively farm and providing entertainment for the Poros during your free time. About the combat, you can use fireball, triple beam shot, love power, and critical hit to fight against prisoner, but every skills have cooldown time. So you also need reasonably plan the uage of each skill.

Beyond the serene Poro farming, you must engage in battles against various forces that inhabit each region. While the game automates Ahri’s combat, you must strategically utilize skills to overcome challenges and thwart enemy attacks. Boss battles add an extra layer of excitement, requiring you to defeat them within a given timeframe to unlock new regions and expand the scope of your adventure.

Ahri RPG: Poro Farm

2.Vivid merge system

The allure of each place of Ahri RPG: Poro Farm lies in its attractive and lively beauty, teeming with vibrant ecosystems and formidable foes. You have the freedom to traverse these lands in search of the adorable Poros, adding them to your main collection system.

As you accumulate a surplus of Poros on your farm, the game introduces a lively merge system. This system allows you to combine identical Poros, creating superior units with enhanced performance. Successfully creating new variations not only adds depth to the gameplay but also rewards players with additional incentives for their creativity and dedication.

3.In-depth system

The strength of Ahri, the charismatic protagonist, can be significantly enhanced through an intricate upgrade system. This system provides numerous features for continuous improvement, diversifying Ahri’s power and introducing visually stunning effects as you reach new thresholds. Unlocking exciting abilities allows you to adapt Ahri’s skills to your preferred playstyle, ensuring a formidable and personalized gaming experience.

Ahri RPG: Poro Farm

Download Ahri RPG: Poro Farm right now!!!

So, whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a rookie looking to step your feet into the pixelated fields, “Ahri RPG: Poro Farm” welcomes you with open arms and fluffy hugs. Download Ahri RPG: Poro Farm right now! Grab your watering can, put on your pixelated boots, and join the Poro Farm where fun knows no bounds, and cuteness reigns supreme.

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