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Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse V5.4.6 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse is a utility that turns your phone into a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard, supports more than 100 languages, and offers features like speech-to-text and simulated touchpad..

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Application introduction

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse is a very useful application that will turn your Android device into a Bluetooth remote keyboard and mouse, making your work and life more convenient.

Many years ago, we needed to spend a lot of money to buy a wired mouse and keyboard, which was a very popular item at that time, and they did bring convenience to work and life. However, due to the limitation of the length of the cable, sometimes it is not particularly convenient, and sometimes the line will tie, which makes us feel annoyed. As a result, the wireless mouse and wireless keyboard were born, which solved the problems brought by the line and was more convenient. But gradually, we found that carrying around a wireless mouse is also a troublesome thing, which will cause us to move inconvenient.

From this, applications like Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse were born.

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

Introduce about Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

This application can turn your mobile device into a virtual keyboard and mouse, and you can easily control any desktop and tablet anytime, anywhere. It’s a very good idea, a very practical tool.

Features of Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

Support for most devices

The app supports connecting to most devices, as long as the kernel is equipped with Bluetooth to successfully connect to it and turn your device into a wireless mouse and keyboard. At present, the operating system of most devices has been successfully tested, can successfully connect, and will automatically connect when the device starts.

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

Easy to use

Users will not encounter any difficulties in the process of use, and can easily use all its functions. Because its user interface is very simple and intuitive, with a modern style, all functions have been set. Once successfully connected, you will find that the available Settings on the device and the actual interaction are very simple and convenient.

Support for multiple languages

The app also supports 100 different languages, almost all of which have been integrated into the app, and you can now set it up correctly for your needs. When using the application, you can choose the commonly used language, which will be more convenient and speed up your operation.

Moving air mouse

With this feature, the app provides a realistic mouse feel when connected to a desktop or tablet device, and users can control a PC or laptop from a distance. This is very convenient because you do not need to stand in a fixed position and cannot move, even if it is far away from the computer. And the experience of the app is as if you were using a real mouse.

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

Support voice input

In order to bring a more convenient text input experience, the application also provides a voice-to-text function. You can voice type what you want to say, and the app will automatically convert your speech into text, and the accuracy is very high. This function works perfectly in the winter when it’s too cold to type by hand. And, you can easily add text and perform all the standard input options of the app, everything is simple.

All keyboard applications are supported

This is a nice feature. If you’re not completely comfortable with the Keyboard layout of an app, you can choose to enter text using any of the other keyboard apps available on your system. Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse supports all keyboard apps. You can always choose which one you like or which one you are used to.

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

Simulate a virtual touchpad

This feature turns your phone into a touchpad with real scrolling support, giving you a real feel and sensitive touch.

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