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Cast to TV XCast V2.3.3.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Cast to TV - XCast is an application that can project the content of the mobile phone on a large screen, supporting a variety of content, including video, pictures, music and more. It also supports a variety of devices, such as Chromecast, Roku, and smart TVS.

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Application introduction

Cast to TV  XCast is an application that can cast video, audio, and pictures to Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, Fire Stick, smart TVs and DLNA devices, bringing users an excellent entertainment experience.

Introduce about Cast to TV Xcast

This app helps users project video to TVS and various devices, turning your phone into a remote control. Play their favorite content on a larger TV screen, and you can have fun. The way to use is also very simple, only need to meet a variety of different conditions, such as connecting to the same WiFi.

The app supports playing many different TVS, which you can choose, and also comes with many control features to give you a better experience.

Cast to TV XCast

Features of Cast to TV Xcast

Cast videos to a big screen

With the help of Cast to TV XCast, you can project your favorite content to large screen devices such as TVS in extremely high quality. Supports a variety of content, including local videos, music, and pictures. Watching your favorite videos on a bigger screen is a completely different experience than watching them on your phone, and you can better immerse yourself in your world.

When using Cast to TV  Xcast, the first thing you need to do is to connect your phone to the large-screen device, which is very easy to do. The app automatically searches and finds supported, projectable TV devices, which are automatically saved in a list of TV links, and you just need to connect when you need them.

Cast to TV XCast

A range of supported devices

This app supports multiple TV devices, and multiple types of TVS can be used as large screens for projection, including Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV, Microsoft Xbox One, smart TVS, and other DLNA projection devices. It is important to note that if your TV is a DLNA type, you need to make sure that both devices are connected to the same stable WiFi before connecting. This is not a difficult task, but it is sometimes overlooked by users.

Easily view files

When the two devices are successfully connected, the application will automatically recognize the local and SD card video, audio and picture files, all files will be neatly arranged on the screen, you can easily find and open the file you need. You can also create a file queue, add the files you need to use, and then view or listen to those files in very high quality. All the content will be perfectly presented in front of your eyes.

Cast to TV - XCast

Turn your phone into a remote control

When the two devices are successfully connected, the big-screen TV is a receiver, and your phone is a remote control for controlling the content on the TV. This means you can do a variety of things on the phone, such as pause, volume adjustment, forward/back, up/down, etc. That way, all you need is your phone, and you don’t need to search for the TV remote to control the big screen.

Can be used for multiple purposes

Using Cast to TV  XCast for screen casting can be used for many purposes, and we usually use it as a form of entertainment. For example, when you and your family or friends are gathering at home, you can use this app to project interesting content to the TV and broadcast it, so that all the guests can watch and you can prepare the meal.

It can also be used in some special cases. In meetings at work, you can project your forms, PPT, and other documents onto the TV in the conference room for your colleagues to view. In this case, the application can better help you with some work reports and meet other work needs.

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