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Citampi Stories has crafted a pixel-perfect masterpiece that invites players to experience the extraordinary.

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Citampi Stories is an interesting and enchanting role playing game. Hey, role playing gemer and sim-life enthusiasts enthusiasts, pay attention! If you are looking for a game combine the simulation and role playing together, you must not miss the game called Citampi Stories, developed by Ikan Asin Production. The game invites you to a captivating pixel-art anime game that transcends the boundaries of typical visual novels. Immerse yourself in an open-world RPG that combines the thrill of ezploration, heartwarming, romantic encounters, and the joys of virtual life. Are you ready to overcome all difficulties and encounter unexpectable fate in the game?

Citampi Stories

Introduction about Citampi Stories

In the game, you need to play the role of protegonist, whose family trapped in debt. Moreover there only ten weeks to pay back. Your family step on the brink of finacial ruin, and yours future is covered by shadow. One day, there is one way to save you family that is getting marraige with lender’s daughter. You don’t want submit to the lender, so you step into the journey to Citampi and make money to pay back debt. What’s waiting for you in the Citampi? Can you pay back all the debt? What should you keep a life in the strange city?

Citampi Stories

Outstanding features

1. Special gameplay

Citampi Stories just like the traditional sim-life game. You need to plant and harvest crops to change money, work for other shops, and buid your own house. But the game allows you completely freely to date with different girl, and each of them with differnet characteristic and stories. When you get well know about them, you can choose on girl you favorite to organize a dream wedding and build a family.

In the begining of the game, in the space assigned by the system, you will be tasked many different missions which can help you to make money and make a living. Also, this space is the dating location with those girl. When you exprience those missions, you can get familiar with those girl and know theri habits and personality. Moreover, you can also realize the sacrifices and difficulties of your parents. Then you will feel accomplishment to make money hard to save your family. This gameplay adds a layer of educational and heartwarming meaning in the game, which make the game to be a meaningful entertainment.

Citampi Stories

2.Romantic setting

The game invites you appreicate the beauty of those girls and win their hearts. In the game you may have the feeling of accomplishment and pride from being single and entering a relationship to embracing family life. You are not an ordianry person, and you are charming person too. You can also to be the main character in your life. Elevating the concept of a dating sim, the game intricately crafts a love story for the ages. Prepare for heartwarming anime love stories and delightful romantic adventures.

3.Exploring the vibrant virtual life

Citampi Stories invites you to live a vividly realized virtual life, rich with treasure hunts, fishing adventures, and the joy of cooking hearty meals for your virtual family. Each character carries a unique life story, and as you assist them in their daily affairs, you unravel the dynamic and thriving world of Citampi.

When you feel all things in the city and your life run in normal course, Citampi Stories will give you a big surprise that choose to get married with a ghost, ngage with spectral buddies, and even parent a ghostly offspring!

Citampi Stories

Download Citampi Stories right now!!!

In Citampi Stories, the game has crafted a pixel-perfect masterpiece that invites you to experience the extraordinary. Discover the magic that unfolds in this captivating adventure, where love, life, and the supernatural intertwine in a tale that goes beyond gaming conventions. What are waiting for? Download Citampi Stories right now and start a romantic and unexpected life!

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