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Diaro V3.93.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

Diaro is an application that you can use to write a diary. It tracks your mood and provides search and filtering functions to help you find past diaries. There are also backup and recovery features, as well as multiple themes and languages.

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Application introduction

Diaro is a versatile diary, notebook, and mood tracker that helps users record events, appointments, feelings, and secrets, and syncs data across all your devices and PC.

Introduce about Diaro

Diaro is a tool that helps you keep a descriptive diary. With its help, you can fully vent all your emotions through the text. If you are a person who has the habit of keeping a diary, then this app you must not miss, it can help you save the memories and feelings of a certain day, and thanks to it is a mobile device application, you can record your thoughts and experiences anytime and anywhere. Easily save your special memories, store personal memories or track your life with the help of Diaro.


Features of Diaro

Track your mood and weather for the day

According to a study, many people’s moods are affected by the weather. For example, when it rains, we may be depressed or sad, and if it is a sunny day in winter, we may feel very happy. Based on this, Diaro provides a function to record weather and mood. You can record the mood and weather of the day and feel the mood that changes as the weather changes. Here, you can express your feelings and thoughts freely and completely.

Search features and filters

We experience different things and have different moods every day, so we should record our feelings at that time by writing a diary. Diaries also serve as a store of meaningful moments and important events in our lives that we can refer back to anytime in the future. As time goes by, there will be more and more diaries. When we want to check the diary of a certain day in the past, it may take a lot of time to find it.

So, Diaro provides a search function and filters, using the search function, you can enter keywords to find entries, you can also filter by date, label, folder and even location information, so that you can accurately find a previous entry.


Backup and recovery

Diaro also provides the ability to back up and restore lost logs. We use diaries to record our thoughts and experiences, and we don’t want to lose them one day. With this feature, you can back up all your diaries to prevent loss. It also makes it easy to recover lost diaries. This app allows you to record your life with complete confidence.

Ensure privacy

We certainly don’t want anyone to read our diaries. In order to keep your diary private and prevent others from reading it, Diaro provides powerful security features, which is also a special concern for every user. The app allows you to lock your diary by setting a password, PIN or fingerprint lock on the Settings page, so that only you can unlock the password and access the app and your diary securely. The app gives you the most comprehensive security.


Data export and import

Diaro provides data export and import functions, which can help users export diary entries into PDF, Docx or Txt format files, you can easily print them out or directly share them. In addition, Diaro allows you to import data into your application if you have previously used another journaling application of the same type.

Multiple topics and languages

The app also provides different UI colors and personalized themes, different themes will bring different moods and feelings, you can change as you like. In addition, the app has different languages for you to choose from, no matter what country you come from, you can use the app smoothly.


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