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Fake GPS V5.5.1 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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Fake GPS by ByteRev is not just an application; it's a comprehensive solution designed to protect your digital identity, enhance your user experience, and provide you with the tools to navigate the digital landscape securely.

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Application introduction

Fake GPS is an useful and practical tools for our mobile phone to protect our privacy in the digital world. Welcome to the thrilling world of digital illusion and playful deception that called Fake GPS developed by ByteRev. If you’ve ever dreamt of teleporting your phone to a different location, or maybe just pranking your friends with a fake holiday check-in, this app is your best assitant for this trick. Are you ready to think about where are you traveling next second?

Fake GPS


Step into the world of digital protection and convenience with Fake GPS, a revolutionary application developed by ByteRev. In an era where hackers lurk in the shadows, always ready to compromise your data. And Fake GPS acts as your guardian, shielding you, your information, and protecting your device from unauthorized intrusion. As you embark on a journey of relaxation and exploration, this app takes center stage, guiding you through the process of enabling its incredible features designed to enhance your digital security.

You may confused that why we need to fake our GPS location. Besides the privacy aspect, the app enable you to transcent the limitations of your physical whereabouts. Whether you are in the mood for a virtual vacation or a michievous prank, Fake GPS is your virtual passport.


1.Protecting your digital footprint

When we play a new game or install a new app, almost these application will ask for a permission of using position or GPS location. Some people will refuse this reqiuement, then will got a baddest new that you can’t use this app unless you permit the requirement. Once you agree the permisson, your true information will under the supervising of those app.

Fake GPS will offers one best ways to solve this problem that is concealing your original GPS location and stoping any attemps to track your movements. By creating fictitious locations, you can outsmart any potential threat and regain control of your privacy. The app ensures that you can enjoy your digital experiences without the fear of being followed by unidentified parties.

Fake GPS

2.Enhancing loction deception

Fake GPS simplifies the process of activating its feature, allowing you to choose and conceal your real address. You can click any location of the world in the maps or search the location you prefered, whcih provide convenience and flexibility and also save you a lot of time. Moreover, the app can stop other application’s location feature temporarity, which avoids that you are always tracked. Active user reviews contribute to the continuous improvement of the app’s quality, ensuring a reliable performance even with frequent and prolonged use of the fake positioning layer.


Besides protecting privacy, the app also offers a series features to enhance your using exprience. The application allows users to set a location for themselves, conduct positioning on a map, and choose from special signal patterns. With precise positioning on the map, users can autonomously monitor and make specific plans. The app even calculates travel distances in real-time, providing valuable information for your journeys. Quick and compact connections to other devices or vehicle systems streamline your connectivity experience.

Fake GPS

Pratical usage

Some mobile games tie in with your GPS location. With Fake GPS, you can transcend the boundaries of your physical space. Turn your gaming experience into a globetrotting adventure without leaving your couch.

Concerned about apps tracking your real-world movements? Fake GPS acts as a digital cloak, allowing you to control the information your apps receive. Keep your privacy intact by feeding them the location you want them to see. It’s like being the gatekeeper of your digital whereabouts.

Download Fake GPS now!!!

With features ranging from preventing multiple source tracking to customizable interfaces, this app stands as a versatile companion for users seeking a secure and convenient digital journey. What are you waiting for? Download Fake GPS now to protect your privacy. Every second of hesitation is a possibility of privacy exposure!

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