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FormaCar V3.4.9 MOD APK (Latest)

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FormaCar is a car customization and modification app that helps you create the perfect car of your dreams, providing AR technology to give you a real car experience. And there's a built-in community where you can connect with other car enthusiasts.

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Application introduction

Formacar is an amazing car customization app and car modification platform where you can build your personalized car and customize it using the car editor provided by the app to provide you with a great car experience.

Introduce about Formacar

FormaCar is a unique game that gives users an exciting, authentic car experience. If you are a person who is interested in cars, then this app is not to be missed for you, and it has many attractive car building features that will take you into a wonderful, vast world of cars.

The app offers a variety of 3D tuning options that can help you customize a unique, exclusive car. It also gives you a new experience to interact with the entire automotive industry and the best 3D modding and automotive design features, including car modifiers, car designers, custom car manufacturers, car upgrades and more.


Main features of FormaCar

Build your car

For those who love cars, owning a unique and special car is an eternal pursuit and dream. But in reality not everyone can achieve this goal, because it requires a lot of money, time and energy. But now, with FormaCar, it can help you quickly solve this problem, helping every user to create a unique car.

Users can choose and edit the car at will. For the design of the car, every detail can be customized by you, whether it is the exterior design of the vehicle, the main paint color choice, or the wheel design, wheel color, brakes and other smaller details, you can easily customize. Edit and design from different angles to present the perfect combination and results.


AR Technical support

In addition to allowing users to personally create their own cars, FormaCar is also committed to putting the car into real use, so that users can feel the joy of driving their beloved cars, for which the application provides AR technology support.

With this technology, users can see what their cars look like during operation, and even feel them in the most authentic way inside the car, as if you were actually sitting in the cab of the car with your hands on the steering wheel. Not only that, but the app already supports many different driving modes, giving you a different authentic feel when testing the car on the road.


Large community of car enthusiasts

FormaCar has a built-in community of other users who also love cars. Not only will you be involved in the production of your own car, but you will also have the opportunity to communicate with a large number of enthusiasts. Whatever the hobby, it becomes much more interesting when discussed with many other people who share the same passion.

It’s a vast community that binds car lovers together and helps you find like-minded friends. You can fully integrate into the social network, actively participate in exchanges and discussions, and share your wonderful experiences and rich knowledge with other enthusiasts. It also contains a large number of hot automotive news and is updated regularly.


Exchange and purchase accessories

To get a perfect car, spare parts are also a vital part. During the assembly process of the vehicle, many suitable accessories are required. FormaCar also brings you a large number of different auto parts for you to choose at will. Best of all, these actual auto parts are sourced from reputable sources that you can easily find in a physical store to bring them to your car. Combined with this feature, users can more quickly turn their dream car into a reality.

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