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Free Adblocker Browser V96.1.3686 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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This app blocks all ads for you, making your web experience smoother, and you can focus on doing anything without being bothered by ads. And can protect your privacy in all aspects, and also provides a VPN service.

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Application introduction

Free Adblocker Browser is an application for blocking ads, and it also offers some security features to give you a better and safer online browsing experience.


Free Adblocker Browser is an AD browser that blocks all kinds of web ads, including banners, Windows, videos, etc., to make your page more cleaner. Without the annoyance of advertisements that pop up from time to time, you can focus more on work, study or entertainment. In addition, it also provides security features. If the website you visit has a possibility of malware intrusion or other hazards, the application will notify you in time so that you can take appropriate measures, such as closing the TAB before the danger occurs.

It also offers a VPN service that removes all barriers for you to access all the websites and content you need. It can be said to be a very practical application.

Free Adblocker Browser


Block all ads

When we watch videos through the Internet, sometimes there are always some advertisement pop-ups at the bottom of the screen, which will disturb our whatching and affect our experience. But now, with Free Adblocker Browser, it has the ability to block all ads, so you can safely use the browser to watch your favorite videos without being bothered by any ads at all, giving you a smooth, clean, focused experience.

In addition to being useful for watching videos, the Free Adblocker Browser also provide us with good services in other situations. For example, when we browse some web pages, there are always pop-up ads anywhere on the screen from time to time, and we may click on the AD if we are not careful. There are even some hidden advertisements, which are hard for us to find. The app can help you solve these problems and truly eliminate all ads for you.

Free Adblocker Browser

Protect your privacy

In addition to the ability to block ads for users and bring a good user experience, this application also has a very important function, which is to protect the user’s privacy from infringement. First of all, in the process of blocking ads, it has already blocked some dangerous situation, we all know that some ads may contain viruses or Trojans.

It also offers an incognito mode, which means you won’t leave any trace while browsing the web. You can even set a password to better protect your information and privacy and prevent other people or applications from viewing it. Finally, in order to provide more comprehensive privacy protection, the application also blocks cross-domain tracking cookies. With Free Adblocker Browser, you’ll never have to worry more about network security.

Provide VPN services

You must not have thought that this application also provides a VPN service. There are many websites are blocked for various reasons, so we can not successfully access, if we enable this VPN service, it can help us bypass the obstacles, browse any website, even foreign websites we can easily enter. And, this VPN is always available to help you access any website or improve your gaming experience.

Free Adblocker Browser

Optimized performance

The Free Adblocker Browser can also optimize performance, specifically it can enhance protection, block all dangers and online trackers, this can reduce the load pressure on the page, so that the browser will run faster and load faster , and prevent the intrusion of various malicious app.

Download Free Adblocker Browser App Now!

This app blocks all ads for you, making your web experience smoother, and you can focus on doing anything without being bothered by ads. And can protect your privacy in all aspects, and also provides a VPN service, download it now, get the best Internet experience!

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