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Hacker Theme Launcher V6.7.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Hacker Theme Launcher is an app that allows users to become "hackers" by changing the page display of the user's phone, as well as other features such as the launcher that launches and locks the phone with a professional password, the app drawer, real-time notifications, and more to bring the user a real hacking experience.

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Application introduction

Hacker Theme Launcher lets you use your phone like a professional hacker, turning you into a real “hacker”.

Introduce about Hacker Theme Launcher

Do you think the page displayed on the phone used by the hacker in the movie is cool and imagine that you can use a phone like a professional hacker? Now, Hacker Theme Launcher can help you realize this little wish.

This is an application that can provide the user with the required changes, it brings advanced features similar to hacking, by changing the interface on the phone to bring the user a real hacking experience. It offers a wide variety of themes for you to choose from to enhance your home screen. There are many amazing features waiting for you to explore and study.

If you are a tech fan, then this app you can’t miss. It can change the page display of your phone, making you as cool and mysterious as a real hacker when using your phone.

Hacker Theme Launcher

Key features

Instant search function

This feature helps you quickly and easily find the apps you need to use in your phone. Nowadays, each of us will download a lot of applications on our mobile phones, and they are essential in our daily life. This also leads to the problem that when we need to use an application, we cannot quickly find it in a large number of applications. Now, with Hacker Theme Launcher, you can quickly find the apps you need to improve your usage and experience with this instant search feature.

Many themes to choose from

The most straightforward and easy way to turn yourself into a real hacker is to change your phone’s interface theme. Hacker Theme Launcher provides a wide variety of rich themes that you can choose and apply. Not only that, the color and size of the font, the appearance of the icon can be custom changed. These themes and looks can make your phone look as mysterious and complex as a hacker’s phone, and with daily updates, you will have more options.

Hacker Theme Launcher

Application drawer

This is an important and convenient feature that allows you to organize your apps according to your preferences. You can put them in different drawers according to their function or color, which means you can find them easily and quickly, and your desktop will be much cleaner. To access the app drawer, it’s as simple as swiping up on the home screen.

Mobile phone starter

Every phone’s starter is different, which means that each of our phones is unique. With the help of Hacker Theme Launcher users can lock and launch their phone’s launcher with a unique password. When you operate your phone with a specific password, you become a hacker operating a new device.

Show real-time notifications

The notification feature of Hacker Theme Launcher helps users to quickly and intuitively receive notifications from each application directly in the control panel, giving users the best control over the number of notifications and the way the data is delivered. Since then, you won’t miss any important notifications, which is undoubtedly a very convenient feature.

Hacker Theme Launcher

Easy to use interface

Intuitive application interface design is simple and intuitive, basic operations are easy to perform. Users will not feel confused when using, nor will they encounter any difficulties. Therefore, users can easily and easily change the way they use their mobile phones. This design allows for the highest level of user experience.

The app also has many built-in commands, such as uninstalling the app, putting apps/contacts into folders, getting text in the clipboard, sending encrypted messages, etc.

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