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Light HD TV V2.8.8 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

Light HD TV provides users with a large number of high-quality TV channels and radio stations in the Russian Federation. The app can be used on different devices and offers favorites and picture-in-picture functionality.

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Application introduction

Light HD TV is a free HD TV application for watching TV online, offering many TV channels and radio stations in the Russian Federation that users can choose and watch at will.

Introduce about Light HD TV

This app can help you watch online TV for free, offering more than 200 TV channels and different radio stations in the Russian Federation, as well as program guides and digital TV, with wonderful content, users can choose freely. Interestingly, users can also use the app to play games via Chromecast.

Light HD TV

Features of Light HD TV

Experience the many TV channels in the Russian Federation

Light HD TV gives users access to more than 200 different TV channels in the Russian Federation and can easily view them for free. At the same time, its interface is very easy to operate, you will not encounter any difficulties in the process of use, it will bring you the best experience.

Delivers HD quality and compact capacity

All the content that Light HD TV brings to you is in HD, and you can watch your favorite TV channels in the clearest way possible, which is one of the highlights that makes this app popular with a large number of users.

Moreover, its compact capacity does not consume too much of your phone’s memory, which is one of the advantages of this app that cannot be ignored.

Light HD TV

It can be used on different devices

In addition to smartphones, the app can also be used on tablets and smart TVS with larger screens, giving you a more complete viewing experience. And when all the content is displayed on a larger screen, it still maintains the most consistent quality and the best effect. The Light HD TV also lets you stream content from your phone to the big screen via Chromecast.

Bookmark your favorite channels

Light HD TV provides you with a favorites list function. If you particularly like a channel, you can add it to the favorites list. This way, whenever you want to watch that channel, you can quickly and easily find it. it.

Support picture within picture

This is a very practical feature that helps you watch any video without stopping. Just click the icon in the lower left corner of the player window and you can chat on other social networks while watching TV. At the same time the player window shrinks and can be dragged to any area of the screen as needed. In this way, you can do anything else while watching TV, such as answering emails, which is quite human.

Light HD TV

Listen to the radio

Just turn on the app’s “Sound only” mode and you’ll be able to listen to any broadcast that interests you, whether it’s listening to music or a sports tournament. When using this mode, you can use other apps at the same time, and it will play radio for you in the background. You can even lock the app’s screen. This feature is very useful when you are driving, showering and cooking.

Turn on the TV channel you watched last time

When you launch the app, the last channel you watched last time will open in silent mode, which is very sweet if you open the app in public, avoiding some unnecessary embarrassment. And you don’t have to look up the channel again in the general list, so you can quickly and easily continue watching videos you didn’t finish last time.

Light HD TV

Save flow

Light HD TV offers mobile network traffic saving features that do not consume too much data during viewing.

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