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LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO V5.2.5.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO is an app that encrypts your photos and videos to prevent anyone from watching and viewing them, and you can set your own password. It also provides the ability to forge logins and backups.

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Application introduction

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO can help hide images and hide videos and is a powerful anti-surveillance application.

Introduce about LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO is an application that can be used to store photos or other documents, and with extremely high security and privacy, it is perfect to prevent other surveillance of your photos and private information. Whether you’ve lost your device or your curious friends, colleagues, or family want to peek at your photos, they won’t be able to see your pictures and videos. Only the only person who knows the password can see the private data, and that’s you.

The protection provided by this application is absolutely robust, reassuring, and has multiple levels. It also does not provide users with many convenient tools, users can freely customize and set up to get a better experience.

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO

Outstanding features of LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO

Encrypt all photos

With the help of LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO, all of your images and videos will be securely encrypted and hidden by AES, the AES algorithm is an algorithm used in banks and has extremely high security, which means that no one can access your private data without permission, and from now on, you can relax completely without worrying about information leakage. This feature covers the surface of all your content with a protective mask so that your information cannot be transferred or stolen without your password or permission, which even hackers cannot do.

Set a password to enhance security

In addition, users can also manually set a password to better protect your photo library. You can easily access it using a PIN and code or graphic password, or a fingerprint if your phone supports it. In addition, the password you set cannot be an existing password on the device, whether it is a number or a drawing, you need to reset a new password to better protect your information.

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO

Set up forged logins

This is a convenient and safe feature. If you’re in a situation where you often have to show your photos to your family or other friends or colleagues, or let them use your device for a short time, this built-in decoy library can help you. First, you need to enter a pre-set fake password, and then the app will display an image other than the protected image to better protect your information security.

The app can also hide and disguise your LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO, making it look like another app while only you know the secret.

Management of photo

In addition to security features, LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO offers a useful feature that helps you organize and manage your photos. For example, you can filter photos by date, name and other factors to better find and share. If there are photos that you don’t think are important or needed anymore, you can also move them out of the vault for better storage and sorting.

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO

Backup function

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO brings backup capabilities to users, so you no longer have to worry about data loss due to various reasons. The app will automatically back up your data to the cloud server, but you’ll need to create a special account that will help you synchronize cloud storage across platforms and easily access it no matter what platform you’re on. You can also use cloud storage as additional storage space to store your important documents or photos in.

No Internet connection required

This app is always available without Internet connection, even if you are in a place without Internet, or the signal is poor, it will serve you well, which can lead to a better experience for you.

LockMyPix Photo Vault PRO

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