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Panda Gamepad Pro V1.6.0 MOD APK (Many Feature)

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The Panda Gamepad Pro helps users connect gamepads to their devices, and it supports almost all gamepad brands. Provides handle assist function to help you reset the handle. Google account login is also supported.

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Application introduction

Panda Gamepad Pro is a keyboard mapper designed specifically for gamepads to help users connect between gamepads and devices.

Introduce about Panda Gamepad Pro

Panda Gamepad Pro is a powerful application and gaming tool that can turn your smartphone into a professional game controller, bringing you the best gaming experience, flexibility and precision to master and control your favorite games.

If you are a game enthusiast who is tired of using keyboard and mouse to control game characters and want some innovation, then this app will be perfect for you. It can help you connect the gamepad to the device, so that you can control the character more smoothly and accurately, which greatly improves the game experience.

Panda Gamepad Pro

Features of Panda Gamepad Pro

Support for almost all gamepads

This app connects your phone and gamepad, avoiding the hassle of using a keyboard and mouse on your PC while gaming. And it supports almost all gamepad brands, so you don’t have to worry about whether the gamepad you’re using is compatible. You only need a gamepad to do almost everything, and you can tap the screen to play a variety of games, such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and more. The app works as the smart keyboard of the gamepad, so when it is launched, other control devices such as the mouse and keyboard will not be available.

Gamepad calibration assistance

The application also provides a gamepad calibration assist function. When you use the controller in the process of losing connection and abnormal work, you can use this function of the app to adjust the Settings of the game controller, such as its working mode, performance and other functions, it can help you reset, which means that you can easily control all the Settings of the game controller. It’s an innovative feature, and it’s what sets the Panda Gamepad Pro apart from other apps of its kind.

Panda Gamepad Pro

Run game in real time

This app allows you to run the game directly on your phone, you don’t need to install any other auxiliary apps, saving you a lot of complicated procedures and steps. You can Play games directly on Steam, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Remote Play and more without using emulator tools. In addition, you can also customize the position of the buttons according to your preferences and adjust different game modes to get a better game experience.

Thanks to this real-time game function, you will have no problems with delays and delays during the game, bringing you a smooth game experience.

Support for Google Play login

The app supports login with a Google Play account, and once logged in, you can freely play popular games and apps on your phone. It also means you can manage and sync game data and progress, share achievements with friends, participate in game events, and use Google Play’s cloud service to store game data without worrying about data loss even if you switch devices.

With support for Google Play account sign-in, the Panda Gamepad Pro is arguably the best tool to enhance the gaming experience.

Panda Gamepad Pro

User-friendly interface

The application is designed with a simple interface, the user does not need to check the instructions in the process of use and adjustment, and the unnecessary operation is also minimized during the game, you can enjoy the exploration.

Matters needing attention

To use the Panda Gamepad Pro without using a PC, you need an Android device with root privileges. Once root, you can activate the Panda Gamepad Pro and use the game controller in your game. If you don’t want to root your phone, you can also connect your Android device to your PC using a USB cable or wirelessly.

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