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Piano Companion V6.55.325 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

Piano Companion is an app that helps you practice the piano and learn music theory. Helps users find chords or scales by name, provides a large number of piano chords and scales. And when you use it to play the piano, the finish and tone are almost the same as those of a real piano.

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Application introduction

Piano Companion is a flexible scale application with a user library and chord progression builder.

Introduce about Piano Companion

Piano Companion is an application that helps you find chords or scales by name. If you can’t remember the names of chords or scales, it can also help you find them by tone. As you use the app, it displays chord/scale symbols, spectrum lines and fingering of both hands in a major or minor scale, creating a perfect condition and environment for you to practice.

It will bring you a scale or chord sound, provide you with a list of compatible chords in the selected scale, and take you into the world of music that you can completely immerse yourself in. Whether you are a professional pianist or musician, or simply love to create and enjoy music, Piano Companion is the best choice for you. And it’s constantly being updated and optimized, constantly discovering features that improve utility, making it a trusted application.

Piano Companion

Features of Piano Companion

String wheel series

With the fifth circle and corresponding chords, you can construct any musical progression. Now, the Piano Companion app also comes with a chord wheel, and when you use the app, it will be clearly displayed on your phone screen, so that you can use it to compose songs, you can use your inspiration and creative ability. If you don’t have professional knowledge of music or music theory, don’t worry! The application will help you learn the different chords and scales in the most professional and organized way.

Piano Companion

Virtual piano keyboard brings real experience

If you are a piano lover but for various reasons can not own a piano, this app will help you realize your dream. It provides a MIDI keyboard through which you can use the piano, and its completion and timbre are almost identical to that of a real piano, giving you a real piano experience. In addition to helping you practice, the application also helps you learn a lot about music theory, which is another benefit that Piano Companion can bring to you. And if you’re having trouble remembering the name of a certain chord, it can also perfectly solve this problem for you.

Create your own library

It is worth mentioning that the app also allows you to create your own library. This is a very practical application, whenever you are struggling to learn, you can add different scales and chords to this library, and also has the ability to create custom chords for the user library.

Piano Companion

Rich in content

Has over 1500 piano chords, and up to 6 inversions. There are also more than 500 scales and 12 keys. This will be the best place for you to learn and practice.

Bass and treble

The Piano Companion also gives you a variety of structures to add the right music progression, and they are created in a fixed order. In addition, with MIDI output, it will be easy to combine DAS with this application. In particular, the application also provides a lot of treble and bass, and you can also use them freely to create melodies.

Custom options

If you want, you can create custom chords or you can change the current chords to better match your practice or composition. You can also create your own scale fingerings, and of course, there are community scale fingerings available for you to use, which means you don’t have to think too much, or use too much creativity.

Piano Companion

Other features

  • Audio support.
  • Provides advice on relational scales.
  • Display chords on the staff.

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