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Piano Solo HD V4.2.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

Piano Solo HD is an application that can help you learn and practice piano. You can use it well no matter what stage you are in in learning music. It offers a large number of songs and also allows users to import external songs for learning.

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Application introduction

Piano Solo HD is a practical tool for you to play the piano on your smartphone and tablet, offering a large number of songs for you to learn, simple to operate and easy to use.

Introduce about Piano Solo HD

Piano Solo HD is an application that helps you learn piano on your mobile device, supported and loved by a large number of users. It has a user-friendly interface, a rich song library, a variety of virtual instruments and powerful features for users. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pianist, you can use this app well.

Piano Solo HD

Main features of Piano Solo HD

Multiple instruments

The app’s interface is simple and friendly, and with 81 keys on a standard piano, it gives you a real piano playing experience, from completion to timbre. In addition, the app also provides a variety of instruments for you to choose from, including piano, organ, xylophone and synthesizer. With continuous updates, I believe that in the near future, Piano Solo HD will bring you more instruments and tools, please stay tuned.

Piano Solo HD

Supports importing external songs

This application comes with a large number of songs of all types to help you learn, whether it is modern pop songs or classic old songs, you can find here, you can choose at will.

Not only that, the app also allows you to import and play your favorite external songs, which brings you more possibilities for you. With the help of the in-app customization function, you can change the notes and chords and other factors at will to make your imported songs more beautiful, then the process of practicing and learning the piano will become more interesting and easy.

There are differences in the sound of each piano key. The app can help you get the sound of each key right. You can tweak everything to a certain extent, and it provides additional tools to make a song you like.

Piano Solo HD

Connect to external devices via MIDI

This feature allows you to connect more modern instruments to the app and create more impressive music together. The compatibility of the application is particularly high, and the support for other instruments is very good. There are also many unique extensions where you can customize the system to suit your needs and preferences to get the best results in your training. You can also turn the device into multi-functional support for your main instrument, creating better work together in new ways.

Record your songs

When you have created a song that you really like, you can export it to different audio formats such as MP3, OGG, or even MIDI. This way your every creation and inspiration can be well recorded and not lost. Of course, you can also send the file to your friends or family via mobile phone to share your perfect creation with them.

Piano Solo HD

Set the exact number of keys on the screen

This is a very necessary function, because the screen size of each of us is not the same, so the number of keys must be adjusted according to the size of the screen. The Piano Solo HD does this quite well. For example, if we are using a tablet, we can set relatively more buttons, and if we are using a phone, we can set fewer buttons. In this way, we can use and play more easily.

Control playback speed

Piano Solo HD helps you control the speed of your songs, whether they are included songs or recorded loops yourself. You can set the position and speed according to your needs, so that you can better learn and adjust the details in your work.

Piano Solo HD

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