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Shadow KWGT V4.3 MOD APK (PAID/Patched)

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Shadow KWGT allows users to customize their phone screen, it brings a unique and beautiful range of widgets and wallpapers, and provides a widget editing tool for users to design and create widgets. Support for importing and exporting widgets, updated regularly.

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Application introduction

Want to make your phone’s home screen look more unique and stylish than anyone else’s, then the Shadow KWGT app can help you, it offers a range of beautiful widgets to give your phone a whole new look.


Shadow KWGT is an app that helps users customize and transform the screen of their phone, and it brings a series of beautifully designed widgets that can put you in a great mood every time you turn on your phone. Of course, you can create and design new, personalized widgets as you like. These widgets not only have a stylish appearance, but also come with practical features such as clocks, calendars, music players, weather, and more. While bringing a new look to your mobile phone screen, it can also bring convenience to your daily life.

Shadow KWGT


58 beautiful widget packages

First of all, Shadow KWGT comes with 58 beautiful widget packs, each of which is carefully designed, you can choose from any one, there is always one that suits your liking. No matter which one you choose, it can make your phone screen more unique and beautiful. In addition, Shadow KWGT also offers a large selection of wallpapers for you to choose from, so that your phone screen can perfectly reflect your personality and style.

Custom widget

Shadow KWGT provides a widget editor that you can use to design and create new widgets, and everything can be customized according to your preferences. The editor contains 6 options, including Project, Background, Global, Layer, Touch, and shortcut. Use each option to edit different elements, such as changing backgrounds or layers. In addition, the font size can be adjusted. This editor allows you to customize wallpapers or widgets according to your mood or preferences, making your phone more unique and interesting.

Utility widget

The app provides some widgets with useful functions, such as clock, calendar, music player, weather, etc. It can bring convenience, you do not need to find, click and launch the relevant app to view the calendar or weather, and can play music at the fastest speed, all operations can be performed on the home screen, saving you time and simplifying operations.

Shadow KWGT

Import and export widgets from other sources

If you find a widget you very like somewhere else, but it can’t be applied successfully, don’t worry , Shadow KWGT supports importing widgets from other sources, always helping you to successfully use your favorite widget. Of course, it also supports exporting widgets.

High compatibility and regular updates

Shadow KWGT is extremely compatible and works well on almost all devices, so you don’t have to worry about whether your phone can use this app. Moreover, it takes up very little memory, even if your phone capacity is low, you can also use it smoothly. Publishers also regularly update with new widgets and features to keep up with the popular trends, always provide you with a good service, and every update will save your data, you don’t have to worry about data loss.

Bright and dark modes

The app also offers two modes, bright and dark, which you can select and switch according to your needs and the surrounding environment. Use bright mode when you are outside or in a highly lit environment, so it is easy to view and check, use dark mode when you are at night or in a poor light environment, it can protect your eyes and vision. Also, Dark mode will be more luxurious and advanced, and you may like it more.

Shadow KWGT

Download Shadow KWGT App Now!

Shadow KWGT can change your mobile phone interface, provide you with a variety of different looks, changing your mood starts with changing your phone screen, let the Shadow KWGT to make your life more interesting!

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