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Superlingo V1.5.4 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

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Application introduction

Superlingo is an app for learning languages. Make full use of your spare time, improve your foreign language skills, and enjoy the fun of learning.


Superlingo is a language learning application developed by a professional teaching and research team with many years of experience. It has gained a large number of users and is deeply loved and supported by all language learners. It is an indispensable educational tool for the people who is learning a language.

This app helps you learn English and Chinese with multiple well-designed courses that are very interesting that you will never get bored, such as lectures and games. All courses are designed to be logical and give you a right way to learn. Each course can bring you new knowledge and help you consolidate old knowledge. In short, with the help of Superlingo, you will get a different learning experience.



Different forms of courses

Superlingo brings different forms of courses, they have their own different roles and characteristics, such as video teaching, through careful teaching, let you quickly grasp and understand knowledge, feel different contexts. For topic courses, you will learn more about some specific topics. If you are interested in a particular topic, or if you think you have a weak grasp of a certain topic, then this course can help.

It is worth mentioning that Superlingo also provides a gamification course, in which you can learn while playing games. This is a very special and creative way of learning. Different from the usual way, it can make learning easier. For example, memorizing words in a game, how interesting it is! This method will also deepen your memory of a certain knowledge point, and you will not forget it even after a long time.

Beginner friendly

For users who are just starting to learn a foreign language, Superlingo also offers a units for beginners. It helps users learn some basic knowledge such as pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, and then gradually upgrade to more difficult and advanced knowledge and concepts. You don’t have to worry about not being able to keep up with the studies progress. The app helps you create a good and solid learning foundation so that you can later understand and master key points more quickly and easily.


Oral practice

Superlingo not only helps you remember words, pronunciation, grammar, structure, etc., it also helps you actually apply this knowledge, that is, speak it out fluently and correctly, helping you have a fluent spoken English or Chinese.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the app can recognize voice. When you learn a new word, you can try to pronounce the word and the app will automatically recognize your voice. Because it integrates the pronunciation of many native speakers, it can compare your pronunciation with that of native speakers and finally provide you with suggestions for improvement.

This feature helps you actually “speak out” the correct foreign language, not just remember it. As long as you study patiently and diligently, I believe that under the guidance of Superlingo, you will be able to communicate smoothly with foreigners in the near future.



Superlingo will bring you tests every day, through the tests, you can better examine your learning situation, so that you can strengthen the weak parts of your study and find out the gaps. The most important thing is that after repeated testing, it can reflect your true level, learning and absorption ability. On this basis, the application can more accurately customize a learning plan that is more suitable for you..

Download Superlingo App Now!

Superlingo is an excellent tool for learning foreign languages and offers many useful features. Don’t hesitate, download it now, it is your best learning companion!

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