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Talkao Translate V389.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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Talkao Translate is an online intelligent translation application that supports 125 different languages, provides text and voice translation functions, and also supports translation by recognizing photos.

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Application introduction

Talkao Translate is an intelligent voice translator with voice dictionaries created in more than 125 different languages around the world, making it your best translation assistant.


Do you often encounter a situation that a instruction manual of a product is printed in foreign language, and you cannot read it smoothly and cannot use the product successfully. When you travel abroad, it is difficult to communicate with local people, or even can’t understand some road signs or slogans. These situations may cause us in trouble.

Based on this, Talkao Translate was born, it is an intelligent language translation application that can recognize and translate over 125 languages, it offers a virtual assistant that can translate different text by voice. It also equiped with a speech recognition system, it will listen and recognize your words, and translate it to the language you need. You can switch to different languages to suit your various work needs or daily communication needs.

Talkao Translate


Spell check

In our daily work or life, we may make some mistakes in spelling foreign languages that are not our native language or that are not frequently used. Whether it is in work documents, or in various paper writing or after-school assignments while study. Even if we are professionals in learning a foreign language, we are bound to make mistakes. Now you don’t have to worry about this problem, Talkao Translate provides a spell check function. This function will help us to check the grammar and spelling mistake, and make a timely corrections. This useful feature allows us to do our job better and is an indispensable tool for students who is learn a foreign language.

Talkao Translate

Accurate text translation

If you need to translate a piece of text, you can copy the short text and paste it into the source section. Of course, you can also choose to enter it manually. Then select the language you need to translate, and you will get a translation result quickly. Talkao Translate uses advanced technology, it will translate according to the context, and is also very accurate in the use of grammar and words to ensure that you get the most appropriate, correct, and natural translation results.

The most worth mentioning is that Talkao Translate also supports translation through photos, which is the “translate from image” function. When you are reading a foreign language book, or viewing a foreign language document, if there is a paragraph that you cannot understand, then you only need to do is take a photo of the paragraph with your phone camera and then upload it to the application. Through this function, the application will automatically recognize and analyze the text. Finally, it will give you a accurate translation results.

This is really a very convenient function, and it can help you perfectly when you need to translate an article with a large number of words. You no longer need to manually enter the word one by one, which is really a waste of time and very troublesome.

Talkao Translate

Voice translation

In addition to the text translation, Talkao Translate also supports voice translation. When using this function, you only need to speak the word or paragraph you need to translate, and the application will automatically identify your source language and present the translation results to you based on the language you selected. In addition, the application also supports dialogue. Similarly, you need to speak the words you need to translate, the application will bring the translation results in the form of voice. In this way, when you are traveling abroad or on a business trip, you can use it to communicate with local people.

Talkao Translate

Download Talkao Translate App Now!

As a translation app, Talkao Translate brings many powerful and useful features, download it now and get a different translation experience!

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