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Talkatone V7.6.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

Talkatone is an application that can be used to make free calls and send text messages. There are no fees, only an internet connection is required, and virtual numbers are also provided.

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Application introduction

Talkatone is an application for texting and calling. All the features it provides are free and it can help you contact anyone as long as you have an internet connection.


In our daily life and work, we sometimes need to send text messages or make phone calls to friends, family, or colleagues. Sometimes, the cost of phone calls and text messages is a big number. Now, with the help of Talkatone, you no longer have to worry about money. As a calling and messaging application, it does not incur any fees when using it, it does not require a phone plan at all, and it also provides many useful functions and some thoughtful designs.

You can send text messages to all available phone numbers in your contacts for free, sending is fast, taking only seconds. If you need to communicate with clients about cooperation at work, or want to share interesting things with friends, then this application is your best choice.



User-friendly interface

First of all, when you launch this app, you will be attracted by its intuitive, clean interface. All features are presented to you in a clear and straightforward way, and any user can easily find the features they need to use. There is no need to use any tutorials or user guides during use.

Make a call

This feature requires a strong and stable Internet connection, you can connect to WiFi, or enable mobile data. Then you can dial the numbers stored in your contacts at will, and both landline numbers and mobile phone number applications are supported. Best of all, everything is free, no matter how many calls you make, Talkatone will not charge you any fees, nor will it use your mobile phone plan. This means you can save a lot of money on communication costs, which is really cool!

It is worth mentioning that even if the call is made over the Internet, the call quality will not be reduced at all. If your network connection is stable enough and signal reception is good enough, it can even improve call quality.


Sending text message

Likewise, the app supports free text messaging over the internet and mobile data, so you can text friends or family even if you don’t have a mobile phone plan.

Disposable virtual phone number

If you don’t want to expose your phone number, Talkatone can also provide you with a one-time virtual number to make calls. No one will get your number, let alone share your number with others at will. Allowing you complete anonymity and get a high degree of privacy. Talkatone can eliminate the number you have used. You only need to enter the settings page to get a new phone number, click the “Save Now” button, and you can use this new number to make calls and send text messages. Moreover, these virtual numbers can also be used to register for websites and apps. From now on, you no longer have to worry about your contact information being leaked.


Supports use on tablets

As long as you have a stable Internet connection, you can also use Talkatone on a tablet. Whether it is a phone call or send messages, it is as smooth and convenient as on your mobile phone, and it is also free.

Security and confidentiality

All of your information will be fully protected by the application and will not be shared over the Internet and cannot be accessed by any third party.


Download Talkatone App Now!

Talkatone brings many practical functions to users, making it convenient for users to communicate with friends and family, and it does not charge any fees for use. What are you still hesitating about? Download it now!

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