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TapScanner V3.0.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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TapScanner is a smart scanner that scans all text and converts it to a PDF file, which automatically detects Outlines and removes unnecessary details for you. The scanned images are clear and can be edited and adjusted.

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Application introduction

TapScanner is a simple but practical scanner that can output high quality PDF files for you. Simple to operate, it is a smart scanner that can be carried everywhere.


In our work or life, we occasionally need PDF files, such as a copy of our ID card, but sometimes it will be very troublesome to convert general format files to PDF format. Now with the help of TapScanner, you can get PDF files anytime, anywhere. TapScanner is a convenient scanner that helps you scan any form of text, convert it to a PDF document and save it to your device, share the document with friends or family, or print it out as needed.

In general, the quality of the image taken by the general smart scanning app will be lost and decreased, not as good as the image quality taken by the phone camera, which may lead to inaccurate scan results, but TapScanner solves this problem, and the image taken by it is very clear.



Quick and easy scanning

TapScanner can scan any type of document or text, such as business cards, ID cards, books and receipts, no matter what you scan, the app can convert it to a pdf file and save it to your phone, so you can use it at any time. If you have some important files that need to be saved digitally, then you can use this application, and you can access and use it anytime and anywhere.

Automatic control and detection

In addition, it will automatically cut and rearrange documents for you, this is a feature that other applications of the same type do not have. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort manually adjusting and cutting margins.

The application will automatically recognize the outline of the scanned item during the scanning process, ensuring that the scanning results are accurate, there will be no unnecessary details, and no characters will be missed. If there are still parts of the document that you don’t need, you can also delete them manually.


The image is clear and can be edited

You don’t have to worry or question the quality of TapScanner’s scanned images. The scaned image is complete and clear, without any stripes or other obstructions. Moreover, you can also edit the image, whether the brightness, clarity, or contrast, saturation and warmth, you can adjust it according to your needs to make the image easier to review. For example, if the image is too bright or even a little exposed, you can adjust it to be slightly darker.

Process scanned PDF files

After scanning, you can easily and quickly get a PDF document, but this is not the end, you can also edit and process the PDF document. TapScanner offers a signature attachment feature, which allows you to sign on the PDF document, and not just sign, you can also use this feature to freely mark the document for your convenience.

Through the compression function, you can also compress the document, to get a smaller capacity file, easy to transfer. You can share the document with others or print it as you please. There is no need to worry about losing files, as the application will automatically backs up quickly. Finally, the application is available in more than 100 different languages, and you can switch to the language you use most frequently when using it.


Download TapScanner App Now!

If you often need to convert text to PDF files, then TapScanner is a very good choice for you. The operation is simple and can perfectly meet your various office and study needs.

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