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Textra SMS V4.70 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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Textra SMS can change the look of your messages, offer a variety of themes and chat bubbles, support group messages and customize font colors and sizes.

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Application introduction

Textra SMS is a unique, multi-feature messaging app that allows users to customize the look of SMS messages, offering a variety of bubbles and themes.


Do you often feel that the information interface on the mobile phone is particularly boring, completely without intention, just a few words presented on the screen. Now there’s Textra SMS, an app that can help you change that.

As a messaging application, in addition to this basic function, it also allows you to customize the looks and other details of the messaging interface. It brings many themes, text bubbles and stickers for you to choose from. As a powerful mobile interface customization tool, it can make your chat and messaging more interesting.

This application is highly flexible, it is not static and you can always find new elements to give your information page a completely new look.

Textra SMS


Offer a range of themes

Textra SMS offers many unique appearance themes, more than 100, these theme templates are all carefully designed by professional designers, whether it’s color matching, color shading, and the design of various detailed parts, they are all very harmonious. These themes will completely change the look and style of the traditional information interface, making it fresh and different. The operation is also very simple, you only need to choose your favorite theme, touch the “Apply” button, then your information interface will become unique and interesting.

With a large number of themes and templates, there is bound to be one you like. Just make your selections instead of designing by yourself, which is convenient and worry-free.

Textra SMS

Scheduling SMS

Textra SMS also provides a function for scheduling text messages, which is very suitable for users who are running a business or company. In general, some companies or enterprises need to send text messages to customers every day to inform customers of company’s newly developed services or businesses, remind and inform customers of pending transactions and other matters, then you can use this feature to make your work more convenient and quick, or help you promote more transactions.

Custom font

Textra SMS allows you to customize the font, be it color or font size, to your liking. Among them, the most impressive is that it offers more than 21 font sizes, which is very user-friendly design. This means that if your eyesight is not very good, or an elderly person in your family needs to use the app, you can make the font larger for easy use and reading.

Textra SMS

Group SMS sending

This is a very useful function, when you need to send a blessing message to friends or family during a holiday, this function can help you very well, just edit your message content, and then choose the object you need to send, then all people will receive your message, you no longer have to edit and send one by one. This function can save you time and energy very well, everything is so simple.

Chat bubble

Textra SMS also comes with 6 different chat bubbles, which are also carefully designed, and you can choose at will. These unique bubbles will make you love sending messages and your chat process will become more interesting!

Dark mode

This is a must-have feature for almost every app, because we often use our phones at night or in other poor lighting environments, and the dark mode can protect our eyes and vision, and also improve readability. You can also adjust the contrast of the colors if you want.

Textra SMS

Download Textra SMS App Now!

Textra SMS can changes the look of your text messages and works well on a variety of devices, download it now to improve your texting experience.

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