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Thenx is an app that can help you work out and get in shape at home. It allows you to create a workout plan that works for you and will recommend fitness channels that are right for you.

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Application introduction

If you want six-pack abs and a toned, attractive body, Thenx can help you achieve it, and with its help, you no longer need to go to a crowded gym, let alone spend a lot of money to get a card or hire a personal trainer. Just do an app-guided workout at home to strengthen your muscles and make your body look amazing.


Thenx is an effective fitness app that offers a range of streaming calisthenics workout videos that users can watch on any device at any time. If you want to exercise at home, then this app can help you very well, and the process is simple, no complicated planning.



Exercise at home without going out

Thenx offers users more than 1,000 workout programs, ranging from simple ones for beginners to challenging and complex ones, to better suit users of all levels. All the programs are presented to you via video, which means you can work out right at home without going to the gym. The trainer in the video is like your personal trainer, and every basic movement will be guided in detail, and no details will be ignored. From posture to the rhythm of your breathing, each step will guide you through and help you get the ideal body.

It’s better than machines

The training provided by Thenx is basically aerobics, rather than using various equipment for fitness in the gym. You must know that if the equipment is not used in a standardized way, it is dangerous. This also means that it is safer to use Thenx, and through the practice of aerobics, you can not only achieve the purpose of losing weight and building muscles, but also strengthen your physical strength. Your body can also become more flexible, which is something that equipment fitness cannot do.


Create your own workout plan

Thenx allows users to create their own workout plan. For example, you can choose to do chest and shoulder exercises on Monday, forearms and lats on Tuesday, core strength exercises on Wednesday, and so on. All plans can be made according to your schedule and preferences, which is a very user-oriented feature.

If you are experienced in fitness, you can develop a plan based on the muscles, so that you can strengthen the muscles more accurately. In short, you can create a plan based entirely on your specific situation and preferences, and once the plan is completed, the app will also set daily and weekly goals for you to keep you more motivated and passionate.

Recommend various channels for you

Thenx will recommend a variety of YouTube channels that are tailored to your workout and will provide you with helpful advice and quality workout information. These channels can be said to be recommended on a case-by-case basis for each user, so that users can exercise in a more professional manner.


Track your workouts

At the end of each exercise, the app calculates how many calories you burned during your workout and tell you what items and exercises you did today. And, as long as you keep using Thenx to assist you in exercising, it will keep tracking your entire workout session. With its help, you can know your weight changes and the number of calories, better understand your body and health status, and adjust your exercise or related lifestyle habits based on these data.

Download Thenx Right App Now!

There is no denying that this app is a very good choice for everyone who likes to exercise and fitness at home, it brings effective advice and fitness methods. Download Thenx today and let it help you get a perfect body.

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