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TickTock V29.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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TickTock is a personalized app that helps users turn any of their favorite Tiktok videos into live wallpapers for their phones. It is easy to operate, provides video effects, and can also share your favorite wallpapers through various social networking platforms.

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Application introduction

TickTock is a video wallpaper make tool.

At present, almost everyone has a Tiktok app in their mobile phone, not only young people, children and even the elderly like this app. It can be said that it is the most popular app today, with billions of users, fast spread speed and huge influence. Because of this, there are apps related to Tiktok on the market, and TickTock is one of them.

Introduce about TickTock

TickTock is an application for making video wallpapers, with its help you can turn your favorite TikTok videos into your live wallpapers, whether it is drag videos, dance videos, or stunt videos, you can download it from TikTok and use this app to turn it into a live wallpaper background, making your mobile wallpaper more cool than ever.

The app is simple to use, all operations are quick, and making your wallpapers personalized and impressive is a breeze.


TickTock usage

First you need to download and install TickTock, when you launch the app, you will see a clean and intuitive interface, then tap the TikTok icon on the home screen, where you can browse millions of short videos, you can explore. This video library contains popular videos from all over the world, whether you like music, sports or celebrities, you can find what you like here.

To create a live wallpaper, save your favorite TikTok video as a live photo, then go to your file, select your favorite video, and set it as your phone’s live wallpaper.


Features of TickTock

Add effects to the video

TickTock not only helps you set short Tiktok videos as mobile live wallpapers, but also provides many exquisite video effects that you can add to your videos to make your videos more unique. You can create flying effects for letters, create a festive atmosphere and more. Choose and add according to your own preferences to make your wallpaper more personalized.

Create Favorites

TickTock provides a list, and when you have videos that you like or that you care about, you can put them in that list, and you can use that list as a favorite. That way, you can always access this list and watch your favorite videos whenever you want. When you want to change your phone’s screen, you can use the videos in this list, each change will give your phone a different look and give you a different mood and feeling.


Share wallpaper function

TickTock connects to major social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. If you have a favorite wallpaper that you want to share with friends or family, you can do so through an app. The operation is also very simple, after you create the wallpaper, click the Share button, and then choose the platform you want to share, so that your friends can enjoy such high quality, exquisite dynamic video.

Many videos to choose from

As we all know, the short video platform Douyin has a huge amount of videos, whether it is about music, sports, science and education, daily life, technology or celebrities, everything can be found here. This means that you have a large number of options to choose from and turn these videos into your phone wallpaper.

Using these popular videos as your phone wallpaper can not only bring you a great experience, but also make you feel happy every time you turn on your phone.


Download TickTock APK now

If you are a frequent user of Tiktok and have many favorite videos that you would like to use as a live wallpaper on your phone, TickTock is the best choice for you. It can make your mobile phone more stylish and personalized, please download it now to experience a different dynamic wallpaper.

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