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ToonApp V2.6.39 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

ToonApp can help you create unique cartoon photos and manga style photos, providing a series of filters that can help you delete and change the background of your photos.

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Application introduction

ToonApp is a photo editing app that offers a range of filters and cartoon effects that can turn your photos into comics and cartoons.

Introduce about ToonApp

ToonApp is a cartoon photo generator that allows you to have photos full of cartoon effects with just one click. This app brings a large number of unique AI filters to transform any image into a cartoon, bringing a whole new magical effect to your photos. In addition, ToonApp can convert any image into a pencil sketch. This app offers a large number of beautiful filters that you can choose from.

If you like cartoon and anime style photos, then this is an app you can’t miss. Combine effects and filters to create your own cartoon face and turn your photos into works of art. If you share it on other social networking platforms such as Tiktok or Instagram, you are likely to get a lot of likes.


Features of ToonApp

Face swap function

ToonApp provides a magical face swap function, through this function, your face will be transformed into an animation style face, you will look like a cartoon character. After changing your face, you can apply your face to any cartoon character, the app provides many available cartoon characters, you can also upload your own favorite. After successful application, you will have a complete cartoon version of yourself. This an amazing face-changing art, you should try it.

ToonApp offers a variety of face swap styles, including funny comics, headshots and more. You can adjust the size of your head when edit photos, sometimes a big head will make the character look extra cute and interesting, full of drama.


AI cartoon photo editor

ToonApp offers a series of tools to turn all your photos into cartoons. The operation is simple, you just need to choose a photo from your album that you need to edit, or take one directly using the app’s cartoon camera. Once you’ve selected your photos and uploaded them, you can edit your photos using a range of professional photo editing tools.

First of all, the app comes with a large number of beautiful filters, you can choose the one you like and apply it to your photos. You can use filters to turn your photos into comics and use comics photos as avatars. The app also provides an AI-integrated photo editing tool that you can use to edit every detail of your photo, such as face size, eye and hair color, etc. You can arbitrarily modify every feature of your face until you are satisfied. In the end, you are sure to get a beautiful photo.


Change background

ToonApp also provides a delete and replace photo background function, this function will automatically delete the background of the photo, and then you can add any background you like. You can use this application as an application specifically for changing the background of photos. The operation is also very simple, just click on the screen with two or three times, then you can change the background, without the need to select and mark the object, everything is convenient and fast.

Of course, you can also convert the picture into a cartoon first, and then use the cartoon background to get a complete and beautiful cartoon photo, and then use it as the background image of your profile.


Selfie camera

ToonApp’s selfie camera has exquisite filters and effects to find the perfect light for your selfie, make your skin fairer and your facial lines smoother.

Download ToonApp for Android

ToonApp can help you create unique cartoon photos and manga style photos, quickly download and use it to make your art photos.

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