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Twitch V17.5.0 MOD APK (Lite/No ads)

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Twitch is a streaming platform through which users can watch a variety of live broadcasts. It offers playback and filtering, as well as a dark mode.

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Application introduction

Twitch is a popular streaming platform, designed specifically for gamers, that helps you livestream your games.

Introduce about Twitch

At present, live broadcasting is a very popular trend, some people sell things through live broadcasting, some people show their talents during live broadcasting, and many people can see live broadcasting on the network and in real life, which is an unstoppable trend and phenomenon. As a result, many industries have begun to enter the market, including the game industry. In order to meet the needs of gamers and game enthusiasts, many companies have developed and released applications for live game broadcasting, Twitch is one of them.

Twitch is a streaming app developed by Twitch Interactive, and its content focuses on the genre of games, through which gamers can show their superb skills to the world. The app has received more than 100 million downloads and nearly 5 million positive reviews on Google Play, which is an impressive number that shows how popular it is with users.


Features of Twitch

A variety of communities

The app has a huge community of hundreds of millions of users from all over the world, including a variety of categories, such as music, movies and esports tournaments, no matter what you are interested in, you can find the community on Twitch, all live streams can be easily found, you can choose and watch at will.

If you’re busy at work and don’t spend a lot of time watching live streams, or for some reason miss your favorite live streams, Twitch can also solve this problem for you, because it provides a live playback feature, which means that even if users are offline, they can get all the information in the immediate follow-up, and will not miss any important events.


Easy-to-use user interface

The app is designed to be easy to use, user-friendly, intuitive interface, all the buttons are neatly arranged, anyone even the first time users in the process of using the process will not have difficulties, only a few times to get fully used to its operation and function.

Sharing function

Twitch also offers useful sharing features, just like other video and audio apps. Users can create a livestream topic of their own interest and quickly and easily share the link to other social platforms, so that when other people see the link and are also interested, they can join in the conversation and chat.


Filter function

Twitch has a huge stream of information, so it is equipped with useful information classification and filtering features to avoid global user overload. Users can click by name, category, game. Date or other factors filter, the app will automatically search for you to match the results, and all the results will be arranged in the most accurate order, you can easily view and filter. Thanks to this feature, users will not spend too much time in use, and the content will be more accurate.

Video call function

This feature allows you to make high-quality, clear video calls with your friends at any time for better communication and exchange. You can share experiences with your friends through this feature, or teach some of your unique operations.


Dark mode

Twitch offers a dark mode, mainly black and purple, a color match so perfect that you won’t be disappointed. It is very suitable for use in a very dark environment, which can better protect your eyes and eyesight.

Give support

You can follow your favorite anchor and not miss any of its live broadcasts, and you can subscribe to your favorite content, and the app will always push you the content you are interested in.

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