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UVX Player Pro V3.2.2 MOD APK (Full Version)

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Reasons for recommendation

UVX Player Pro is a video playback application that is extremely compatible, supports almost all video formats, provides high quality clear picture quality, and also allows videos to be viewed at any Angle.

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Application introduction

UVX Player Pro is a video player application that supports almost all video formats, is compatible, has multiple features, and is free to use. If you often enjoy videos and music on your phone, then this app is a very good choice.

Introduce about UVX Player Pro

UVX Player Pro is a video player application developed by MNW Software Solutions. This video player application can play almost all formats of video, bringing you the perfect video viewing experience. Although it is not known by too many people at present, because its birth time is short, but in terms of its function can be said to be relatively good compared to other applications of the same type.

UVX Player Pro

Features and functions

High compatibility

We often encounter such a problem, we download an interesting and wonderful video on the Internet, but because the mobile phone does not support the format of this video, this video cannot be opened, which will make us feel disappointed and lost.

But now, with the help of UVX Player Pro, this problem will be perfectly solved, because it has strong compatibility, support for almost all formats of video, including MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV and so on. This means that no matter what the source of your video is, the app can easily open it and you can freely view all your videos.

Play high-quality videos

Not only that, the app also offers high-quality video in 4K and HDR. Thanks to its advanced technology, it can bring the best image and sound quality, maximize the restoration of video images and colors, and help you to view all videos in the clearest way.

In terms of sound, the UVX Player Pro also does a very good job. It can process sound in a meticulous way, and there are no d delays or freezes when watching videos or listening to music, ensuring that you have the best experience.

UVX Player Pro

Watch the video from any Angle

UVX Player Pro is equipped with many useful features to bring you the best video experience. You can watch the video 360 degrees, different angles will bring different feelings, try to explore the virtual world in a new Angle. When using this feature, you can adjust the Angle of view at will, choose horizontal or vertical rotation, and explore every scene in the video. From then on, you are no longer watch video through a small screen, but can actually enter the world of the video.

VR video playback

In addition, UVX Player Pro also supports VR video playback, so that you can fully integrate into the video, become part of the virtual world in the video, bringing you an immersive experience.

Protect your videos and multimedia files

As a video playback application, UVX Player Pro also attaches great importance to the privacy and security of users, so it has developed many effective and practical functions to protect users’ various data and avoid privacy and personal information being leaked. When you use this application to transfer or store media files, its data encryption function encrypts all your data in an unreadable form that no other person or application can access, preventing unauthorized applications from accessing your private information.

UVX Player Pro also supports fingerprint authentication, just input your fingerprint or face id, then only you can access your app. Alternatively, you can set up a separate password to protect your personal account in the app. For privacy security, you can completely trust UVX Player Pro.

UVX Player Pro

Simple operation

The app is also designed with some handy, simple features. For example, you can adjust the volume and brightness just by swiping the screen. The aspect ratio of the video can also be changed as needed.

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