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vFlat Scan V1.3.2.231207.86b7ef5e2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

vFlat Scan is an application that helps users scan various types of text and provide documents. It can improve the quality of photos and support data synchronization.

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Application introduction

vFlat Scan makes book scanning easy, scanning books quickly and perfectly, and flattening curved pages. It is one of the tools unavailable to office workers, teachers and students.

Introduce about vFlat Scan

vFlat Scan is a utility that can be used to scan documents and convert images into high-quality text documents. With its help, you don’t need to type every letter on a piece of paper or book into the computer, use it to scan once, and all the text will be displayed on the screen, perfect for turning your bookshelf into an electronic library.

vFlat Scan

Functions of vFlat Scan

Convert an image to text

vFlat Scan can help users convert images into text using optical character recognition, which is one of its most basic and best features, and it is because of this feature that this application is more supported and loved by users and stands out in the field of document scanning and document management.

To use this feature, you need to scan the text, you can use the image already in your device, of course, the app also lets you directly use the camera to take a new photos. This feature enables scanning of any type of text, including books, articles, diagrams and even handwritten documents. Once an image is selected or taken, vFlat Scan’s OCR function scans and analyzes the text image.

vFlat Scan

Excellent scan quality

vFlat Scan utilizes dynamic scanning technology to provide you with high quality scanned documents. Simply place the text on your desktop and the app automatically scans and detects the text, smoothing out crooked pages and helping you eliminate any distortions, always bringing you the best quality documents.

If it is a standard text, such as a book or other printed text, the application detects all letters or characters accurately. If the text is handwritten, as long as the handwriting is beautiful and clear, vFlat Scan can also detect and scan it to the maximum extent.

In the process of application analysis, it will recognize all the characters and letters in the image and convert them into readable text, you can clearly see that all the elements in the image are clearly presented on the screen. After scanning, you get a text document that you can view, edit, or share, just like any other document.

This feature of the app can be used when you need to back up important documents, such as your contracts, certificates, and personal data, which can be scanned using it and saved digitally on your device to prevent accidental loss.

vFlat Scan

Automatically improve image quality

When we take a photo with our phone and want to scan text, holding the phone may cause a slight shake, which will cause a certain degree of blur in the photo and will not get a high-quality clear image. Don’t worry, vFlat Scan offers an automatic image quality enhancement feature that automatically removes or minimizes dynamic edges to ensure you get the sharpest image possible without blurring.

If the photos you already have on your device are blurry or ghosting, vFlat Scan can also improve them for sharper photos.

Support synchronize data

vFlat Scan offers a variety of cloud storage services frequently used by users, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. You can choose any one you like to easily synchronize your data. This means that all the documents you scan are automatically stored in your cloud account, rather than in your device, which is a great way to save memory on your phone.

vFlat Scan

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