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Videoleap V1.17.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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Videoleap is a professional video editing application that provides all the basic video editing functions, with a large selection of special effects and filters, and also helps you to shoot time-lapse videos and build movie frames.

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Application introduction

Videoleap is a video production application that integrates advanced AI technology to help users easily clip and create videos for adding layers and effects.

Introduce about Videoleap

It is a professional video editing app, it was developed by Lightricks Ltd, a company known for developing creative applications for mobile users. Make it easy for users to create great videos, shorts, videos and social media content. With strong video processing power and simple interface design, it has become one of the most popular video editing applications.

Videoleap’s powerful video editing function is its main advantage, it allows users to perform many editing operations, such as cutting and merging videos, changing the frame rate, adding effects or adjusting brightness, etc. These are some of the basic functions.

With the help of Videoleap, you can easily cut and connect different parts of a video, delete unwanted parts, or merge multiple videos together to create hybrid videos. Second, the aspect ratio of the video can be customized, such as 1:1, 16:9, 9:16, choose different ratios according to your needs to create better video effects, or choose according to the compatibility of different platforms, such as 9:16 if you need to share TikTok.


Features of Videoleap

Lots of unique effects and filters

Videoleap offers many unique effects and filters. For the filter, it can bring unique colors to your video, so that the emotion of the video is more full. If you’re not comfortable with filters, you can also individually adjust the color, brightness, contrast, and saturation of the video to create your ideal video to suit your style.

For effects, the app brings users hundreds of sound and animation effects, such as rain, snow, fire, sunlight and other elements, you can choose from a rich library of effects to make your videos more creative.


Create interesting transitions and delay effects

With the help of Videoleap, you can create interesting transitions, it offers a large number of transition effects to make the transition between your two scenes or videos more soft and natural. Including cropping, blurring, evaluation, flipping, etc., please feel free to try and apply.

In addition, the time-lapse recording function is a very distinctive feature of Videoleap. Time-lapse photography is a very interesting method of recording the changes of objects, landscapes or people over a long period of time and then presenting them in a relatively short period of time, which can highlight the changes brought about by time in an impressive way. With this feature, you can capture romantic moments as the sun sets and record inspirational videos of your workouts. At present, it has received a large number of users’ love, experience it now!


Edit audio

Not just video, Videoleap can also help you edit audio in a professional way. You can add background music to your videos, adjust the volume, trim the audio, and add sound effects, which can make your videos more vibrant and interesting.

It is worth mentioning that the app also provides a large number of music, with a rich music library covering all types of songs, whether it is classic legendary old song or popular modern songs, you can freely choose and apply to your videos with the best quality.


Creative film composition

You can mix video and images together to create a double exposure for a more artistic result, making every frame of your video as beautiful as a movie frame. You can also edit layers, such as adding and rearranging videos, effects and images, and customize layers using transform and blend modes. All the operations can make you a video production master.

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