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VideoShowLite V10.1.9.0 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

VideoShowLite is an easy to use, full-featured video editing application. It offers a lot of effects, has basic video editing capabilities, and allows you to insert music and images into your videos.

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Application introduction

VideoShowLite is a free and easy to use video editing application that gives you a smooth video editing experience with simple operation, suitable for beginners and experienced users. Currently downloaded and supported by a large number of users, it is arguably one of the most popular video editing applications.

Introduce about VideoShowLite

VideoShowLite is a simplified version of VideoShow and is an excellent and powerful mobile video editing application. It is fully functional, with the basic functions of video editing and some special features. The interface is simple and easy to use, and if you want to make beautiful and unique high-quality videos, but your phone doesn’t have good hardware to support, then this app is a good choice for you.


Features for video editing

VideoShowLite brings you a wide variety of video editing functions, and you can perform most of them. This includes cropping, rotating, merging images, adding background music, unique effects, and editing audio. A wide variety of features to meet your editing needs and help you easily create unique high quality videos. Not only that, these functions can be easily found in the application interface, which is very considerate and simple.

Insert music into the video

This is an important feature of VideoShowLite, which allows you to insert your favorite music and sound effects into your videos. First of all, the application itself comes with a lot of tracks, covering various types of songs, you can choose and apply at will. Second, if you don’t find a favorite song in the app, you can also upload your favorite song to decorate your video. Finally, you can add a range of sound effects, such as noise, audio channels, etc., and adjust the playback speed of the audio.


Add effect

VideoShowLite brings you a large number of visual effects, such as black and white, color enhancement, dynamic effects, waves, and more, you can choose and add, each one to make your videos more creative. The application provides complete video editing functions, such as professional functions like crop, rotate, change brightness and shadow, split, zoom in or zoom out, to maximize your video to your ideal effect.

There are also some very attractive effects and features, such as dubbing, slow motion, acceleration, video reversal, color transition, etc., which are currently very popular features.


Add and edit text

In addition, VideoShowLite allows users to cut, share, and add text to videos. You can add a title to make the topic of the video clear to the viewer. Of course, the text can also be customized, and the app offers a large number of rich and beautiful fonts that you can pick and choose to suit your preferences and video style.

Insert the image into the video

VideoShowLite’s powerful multimedia capabilities make it stand out from other applications in the market. It provides the ability to insert images into videos, and supports images in various formats, including PNG, JPG, or BMP. Before inserting the video, you can also edit the image in advance to make it more perfect. For photo editing, the app also offers a relatively complete set of effects and filters, which is completely sufficient for most users.


Export video

It is worth mentioning that the VideoShowLite application also provides video compression function, so that users can quickly and easily save the video to the device after the production is completed. It also supports video format conversion, converting videos to different formats, such as MP4, AVI, FLV, etc. Thanks to the direct connection between your account and various popular social networking sites, you can post videos directly to your Facebook, Instagram, etc. It’s very convenient.

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