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Vidmix V2.36.450 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

Vidmix is an AI-based video creation and photo editing application. With a large number of filters, music and templates, it is easy to operate and use. The face can also be naturally pasted onto the face of other people in the photo. You can export your work in high quality.

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Application introduction

Vidmix is a fantastic AI image generator with tons of effects. Thanks to its AI visual art, it sets it apart from other photo editing apps, making it even more unique.

Introduce about Vidmix

Vidmix is an app that uses artificial intelligence to edit your photos, giving them a cyberpunk feel and making your photos more interesting!


Why choose Vidmix

You must know the technology of artificial intelligence, and you must have used the related applications enabled by this technology. But now Vidmix uses AI technology in photo editing and slideshow creation, which is a very novel combination, and you can’t miss the magical effect of the AI in photo and video creation.

This app can bring a deep cyberpunk feel to your photos, just like the scene in the movie where the streets are full of flashing, colorful neon lights, full of tech and futuristic feel. This fits the current trend.

Vidmix also has video and slideshow modes, and provides a lot of templates, just choose the one you like, and upload a photo, you can get a good work. And the operation is simple, no need to spend time and energy.


Features of Vidmix

Create videos with unique effects

Vidmix can help you create and edit videos with music, it has a rich music library, offers a large number of music, contains a variety of genres, and all songs are copyrighted. Whatever type of music you like to listen to can be found in the app and applied to your videos. You can choose the duration of the music, starting point, fade in and fade out, etc., to better match your video. A video with music is a complete video.

Vidmix also brings you a large number of video effects and various transitions to help you make your videos more attractive. However, the operation is simple and always helps you create videos in a quick and easy way.

If you don’t want to spend more time creating, you can always use the templates in the app. These templates contain various themes, such as love, friendship, cartoons, etc., with pre-created special effects, you just need upload pictures and choose music. In just a few minutes, you can get a short video of what you expect. Video creation has never been easier!


Use artificial intelligence to edit photos and videos

AI technology will also help you create high quality and vivid photos to the greatest extent possible. It offers a lot of unique filters and different shades, you just upload the image, choose your favorite filter, you can get a different feel of the photo. There is a variety of styles, such as cartoon, cyberpunk, romantic sky, etc., there is always one for you. Not only that, you can also edit multiple photos at the same time, saving you time and effort.

Of course, just like the video editing function, photo editing also has a lot of templates, but the content is richer.

Another highlight is the app’s image stitching feature. You can use this feature to paste your face onto someone else’s face in a natural way, such as your favorite star or idol, so that you can easily get the perfect body. This is a fun feature to bring you more inspiration.


Export high-quality photos and videos

It has to be mentioned that whether the photo editing or the video creating, Vidmix supports exporting in a variety of formats at different quality levels. Videos can be exported in 720P/1080P HD quality, photos can be saved to the device or the cloud, and of course you can share them directly to social networks.

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