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Vidshow V2.35.519 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

Vidshow is a video editing application that offers a wide variety of templates and filters, as well as unique magic effects that can make your videos more appealing. And it doesn't require registration to use.

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Application introduction

Vidshow helps you create music videos with natural transitions and beautiful effects.

Introduce about Vidshow

If you want to use your photos to create an amazing music video or impress your friends and gain more followers with a great Insta story. Now, Vidshow can help you realize this wish, it can help you easily combine your photos into a perfect video.


What is Vidshow?

Vidshow is an excellent video editing app. This free app offers many video making themes and templates, and a wide variety of fashion background music. Equipped with a variety of effects editing tools and carefully designed filters to help you create videos with soft, sweet and romantic features. Whether it’s text, background music, sticker emojis, etc., it can help decorate your video and make it more interesting. With Vidshow, creating a series of beautiful and romantic videos is extremely easy.


Features of Vidshow

Large number of templates available

Vidshow has over 100 exclusive video templates, including a wide variety of styles and colors. In addition, there are hundreds of high-quality filters and effects for you to choose and use, such as rain, neon, snow and more. These templates, effects, and filters are updated and added weekly, always giving users new ideas and inspiration to make better videos.


Simple operation

Using Vidshow is very easy, just three steps:

1. Choose the effect template you like.

2. Upload your photo and click OK.

3. Export the video.

Therefore, with a few simple touches and taps on the screen, you can easily get a beautiful video by taking advantage of the rich templates, effects and filters provided in the app. And you can save the video in high quality on your device, in the cloud, or you can share it directly on social networking platforms like Instagram, which is sure to help you gain more fans and followers.


Unique magical effects

Not only that, Vidshow also brings a lot of magical effects. Like the neon effects, which can make your videos sparkle and look like a fascinating cyberpunk world that just couldn’t be cooler! You can also add angel wings to your characters to make them look very sacred, as if they are going to fly into the clouds the next second. There are also lightning effects, flying butterflies and more, just choose from the available magic collection, integrate these symbols and elements perfectly into your videos and scenes, and you will have an amazing work of art.


Change the background of images and videos

If you find the background in your photo or video too cluttered or unattractive, this feature can help you replace it with an existing image or any external image. Of course, the operation is also very simple, won’t waste your time, just a few clicks, the app can help you accomplish this task.

Vidshow can also help you blur the background of your video, so your video looks more profound and highlights the most important elements.

Make music videos

The application provides a variety of sounds, you are sure to find the most suitable for your style of background music, and upload your photos and videos, easily and quickly create videos with background music, make your videos more complete and interesting.


No account required

At present, most of the applications on the market need to register to use normally, and unlock other functions which is a very tedious process. Don’t worry, Vidshow eliminates this process, as long as you download it, you can use all the functions and create videos as normal!

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