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VIMAGE V4.0.0.5 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

VIMAGE is an amazing dynamic image editing application. It offers a large number of animation effects, and the direction and speed of these effects can be adjusted to suit your needs and the logic of your photos.

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Application introduction

Almost every young person has an image editing application on their phone. We all like to edit our favorite photos and share them on social networking platforms. Currently, image editing applications are also one of the most searched and downloaded applications. VIMAGE is one of them.


Introduce about VIMAGE

VIMAGE is a fantastic photo editor that provides a large number of dynamic effects, filters, animated parts, support for GIF creation, GIF creation, and more. Developed by Stupeflix, it has been downloaded more than a million times, which shows its appeal and influence. It was named GOOGLE PLAY App of the Year in 2018 and has won several other awards. This is a dynamic photo creation app focused on aesthetic creation, where you can give full play to your creativity and inspiration to bring life and vitality to your photos. Export videos and GIFs to share your creations with friends.


Why you need to create dynamic images

A moving photo can turn a still photo into a more vivid one, it can be said to be a short but interesting piece of a story, and it is currently a very popular way to record. Moving photos can make your presentation more expressive, eye-catching, and fun to create. We can also record our lives through moving pictures and share them with friends and family.


Functions and features of VIMAGE

Add animation effects

VIMAGE provides a large number of animation effects, you can customize and create your photos without limits, such as water waves, rain, fire, etc.

As for the water wave effect, if you take a good-looking photo at the beach or on the sea, you can use this special effect to add ripples on the sea surface to make the water more vivid and your photos will be more adorable.

For rain and snowfall special effects, it can help you add raindrops or snowflakes to your photos to create a romantic snow scene or a peaceful rain scene. For example, if you take a photo at Christmas, you can use the snowing effect. And if you want to create a sad atmosphere, you can use rain effects.

As for the flashing light effects, it can add some twinkling and shining lights to your photos, making your photos more romantic.

You can choose and use these effects at will, add them to your photos to make your photos more vibrant and attractive. From now on, your photos will never be boring.


Adjust effect speed

Not only that, but the speed of these effects can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences. This feature is especially useful if you want to create a fast or slow scene. By adjusting the speed, you can turn the rain into a storm or a drizzle, or you can make the waves just a gentle ripple or a choppy sea. You can take full advantage of your endless inspiration, control the rhythm of the effect, and control the atmosphere of the entire photo.


Control the direction of the effect

The direction of the effect can also be adjusted, which is one of the unique features of VIMAGE. You can customize the direction in which the effect moves on the photo, making it more harmonious with other elements and details in the photo. For example, you can adjust the direction of the wave to match the direction of the light in the photo. This feature is very useful in some specific situations to make your photos more logical and natural.


Latest features

Audio features, support for natural sound effects and music.

A text tool that allows you to add custom text to an image.

Up to 10 different effects, filters or animated parts can be added to a single photo.

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