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Vinkle V6.0.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

Vinkle is a fun, practical video editing application. Friendly and easy to use for both novice and professional video editors. You can put your face into a funny scene or turn your face into a cartoon character. A wide selection of effects and templates are available.

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Application introduction

Vinkle is a powerful video editor and movie maker, and if you like to make short videos and share them to social networking platforms, then this app is the one for you.

Introduce about Vinkle

This app is your mini video maker, a custom music video maker designed for video editors and influencers. However, if you are a beginner for video editing, you can also make a good use of it, as this app is simple to use and can create unique videos in just a few steps. It is ranked in the top 20 on the Application Store in almost all countries and regions and is a professional but easy to use tool.


What is Vinkle?

Vinkle is a convenient, fun video editing application that is the best choice for both beginners in video editing and professional editors. Almost every task in Vinkle takes only need one or two steps to complete, and even features you see for the first time that are not available in other video editing apps can be learned quickly.

Vinkle offers a large number of built-in effects that are as beautiful as movie frames, and you can freely choose and quickly apply them to your videos in just a few seconds to make your videos more attractive. The operation is very simple, you just need to upload the already shot video to the app, or directly use the app to record a video, and then choose the effect you like and adjust the level, a perfect video is born.


Features of Vinkle

Face template and create special effects

Vinkle’s face adjustment feature allows you to apply your face to a funny scene, and in just a few simple steps, your face will appear in other images and scenes, making your video more interesting. In addition, it also provides a lot of special effects, such as smooth and natural transition effects, to make your video more beautiful, better to connect two or more videos together. If you don’t have the time or energy to create your own, Vinkle also has more than 1000 beautiful effect templates for you. Thanks to its video and photo import function, you can add your own photo videos and use these templates to create a unique video quickly and easily.


Cartoon effect

Vinkle can turn the face in your video into a Disney princess or any other cartoon character. The operation is very simple, all you need to do is upload your photo or video, and with one click, your work will be full of cartoon style.

Delete background

Sometimes we take a perfect photo, but the background in the photo makes us not like the photo as much. At this point, you can use the function provided by Vinkle to delete the background. It’s equipped with cutting-edge technologies like Photo Magic that can help you remove the background from your selfie. Just upload a photo or video, use the “Delete background” tool, and the app will automatically remove the background you don’t like. Not only that, it also provides a lot of background templates that you can freely choose to make your videos or photos more perfect. This is a convenient, practical, and time-saving feature.


Festival electronic card

Whenever the festival comes, we always want to send some blessings to our family or friends. Vinkle can also help you achieve this wish, because it has the e-card feature, which can help you make a video of your holiday wishes, like a beautiful greeting card with an animated effect. On Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year’s, don’t forget to use this feature to send wishes to your family or friends.

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