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VivaCut Pro V3.4.6 MOD APK (Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

VivaCut Pro is a powerful video editing application with many features designed to help you create and edit unique, movie-like videos. Its Green Screen/Chroma key feature allows you to color your video and change the background color of the frame, as well as add music, text, emoticons and more to your video.

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Application introduction

VivaCut Pro is a convenient and powerful video editing application that allows you to create unique, interesting, artistic and high-quality videos that are as good as any other video editing application.

Introduce about VivaCut Pro

VivaCut is an amazing video editor, whether you want to shoot a wonderful self-made movie, or just want to share interesting moments with friends, or record the beautiful moments in life, VivaCut Pro is your best choice.

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What is VivaCut Pro?

VivaCut Pro is a professional video editing app that you can use on your phone and tablet. Whether you want to make a short film or record interesting moments or beautiful things in life, VivaCut Pro can help you complete these tasks.

VivaCut Pro offers all the features you need for basic to advanced video editing. Including cut, crop, combine, mix, resize, fast, slow, multi-layer timeline, chroma key, green screen function and more useful functions, all can help you create and edit videos easily and quickly. There are also many unique effects and magical transitions for you to freely choose and apply.

VivaCut Pro

Why you need a video editing app

Whether it is a movie or a short film recording the joyful and unforgettable moments in life, it needs to be edited, modified and trimmed to become more meaningful and valuable. In today’s technologically advanced world, we can use many tools to record videos and preserve our memories through videos. But now, we no longer need to sit in front of a computer to edit videos. With just a mobile phone, we can use VivaCut Pro to edit and trim videos anytime and anywhere.

Features of VivaCut Pro

Green Screen/Chroma key feature

This feature helps you mix videos so that the videos you make are as artistic as movies. In addition, the video color editing feature on the VivaCut Pro allows you to color the video and change the background color of the frame, all with the aim of helping you create a unique video, which is arguably the best.

VivaCut Pro also offers powerful blending modes such as color deepening, multiply, filter, soft light, strong light, etc. With it, many small video clips can be combined into a complete big video, you would not believe that editing video can be so interesting.

VivaCut Pro

Keyframe animation

This feature of VivaCut Pro is suitable for masks, video collages, text, stickers, emoticons, text, and emoticons, etc. Use your imagination freely and in just a few minutes you can create interesting effects and shots for every frame of your video.

Add music to video

A video would be boring and incomplete without background music. Music can bring vitality and appeal to every segment of the video. This app allows you to add music to videos.

The operation is very simple. You only need to mark and edit the music you like, choose to fade in or out, add effects to the beat, and finally insert the edited music into the corresponding picture library and trim the length and intensity, then you will get a complete video.

This app also allows you to manually upload audio you have extracted from other sources into the application.

VivaCut Pro

Add text, icons and stickers to videos

Like every other video editing app, this app also helps you insert text, make subtitles, and add icons and stickers. The difference is that the ability to add custom details after editing is much more powerful than with other apps.

For text, for example, you can edit the copy and modify the style, choose your favorite from a variety of fonts, and its color, opacity, and shadow can be adjusted at any time. Icons and stickers can also be freely resized, colored and rotated.

VivaCut Pro

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