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Voloco V8.10.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Voloco is an app that turns your device into a mini recording studio, helping you record a wide variety of sounds at extremely high quality. Featuring automatic noise reduction and deep fine-tuning, and a collection of thousands of free beats for you to choose and use.

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Application introduction

Voloco is a mini mobile recording studio that helps you make your best sound.

It helps you record your every voice and present it with the same quality as a professional studio. Please download this app, no more extra ways, just need a mobile phone, having it is equivalent to having a professional recording device.


Introduce about Voloco

Record your voice and any sound in studio quality directly on your phone. Rap or sing with automatic voice tuning and make music and songs with the free audio editor.

Record high quality sound

Recording songs that you play or just recording voiceovers or special sounds to include in a video can often be very confusing. If you don’t go to a recording studio or don’t have professional recording tools with advanced filtering and noise removal, the recorded sound will be very messy and cannot even be used. If you record at home via a traditional receiver or via your phone, you’ll indeed save money, but the results won’t be as great.


What if you wish there was an easy way to record everything you want and still get high-quality, studio-quality sound even from your cell phone? Then please download Voloco to use it, it can help you realize this wish.

This app is a small application that does not take up much space on your phone and does not consume battery during use, but the effect is significant. When you install Voloco on your device, your phone turns into a mini studio you can take with you. With a few simple settings and starting hitting the record button, you can record every sound you want with the same quality as any professional studio.

Voloco can record almost any sound. Such as human voices, noises, cat meows, humming songs, etc., as long as you want, any sound it can help you record, everything is so easy.


Why choose Voloco?

To understand the appeal of this app’s effective recording capabilities, it’s important to know that the app has now been downloaded nearly 60 million times. Many of them are musicians, singers and anchors of different music genres. It can be seen that Voloco is loved and supported by many professionals in music. It not only supports the recording of human voices and vocals, but is also an indispensable tool for editing and creating your favorite sounds and songs. These are the reasons why you should download this app to use whenever you need to record different types of audio.


How does Voloco achieve studio-quality recordings?

Automatic noise reduction function

There are quite a few recording apps out there, but Voloco stands out because it truly delivers studio quality. Voloco has built-in powerful automatic noise reduction function from the beginning, whether it is treble or bass, it can always bring you all the sounds you want with stable quality and maintain perfect clarity.


Deep fine-tuning

Voloco provides deeply fine-tuned settings for each sound quality. These settings come in two forms. One is based on the template (male, female, rap music), just choose the appropriate genre, without adjusting any settings, you can get a pre-set sound. The second is manual customization, you can fine-tune everything from index and detail to a wide range of sound quality elements to create the best recording sound you like. Either way, you get studio quality sound for your subsequent use.


Built-in beat collection and beat editing

Voloco has a collection of thousands of free beats, all from top music producers. These beats will help you sing and rap quickly, and you can also use them as background beats to mix and create your own beats later, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time adjusting the details later.

Not only that, Voloco also supports automatic beat detection to ensure that vocals and beats match, so that your finished product can achieve a high degree of harmony.

In addition, you can easily extract the best sound from your recordings. Voloco also offers comprehensive audio trimming, equalization, and more, and you can add smooth fade effects.

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