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Volume Styles V4.4.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Volume Styles is an application that helps you set the volume for different applications on your device individually, and helps you set the look of the volume bar and warn you when the volume is too high to protect your hearing.

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Application introduction

Volume Styles lets you fully customize your phone’s volume panel and sliders, helping you change colors, apply different themes, change position, and more.

Have you ever been troubled by the fact that the volume on your phone is too loud or too soft and you can’t adjust the details? Or loudness deviations, such as media ringtones that are too loud and make you feel awkward when playing your mobile phones on the bus. Or the alarm volume is too soft to wake you from a deep sleep. This has greatly affected our daily life and work. Don’t worry, the Volume Styles app can help you with that.

Volume Styles

Introduce about Volume Styles

What is Volume Styles?

Volume Styles is an useful app for smart phones, it allows you to customize the volume bars for every sound type and different apps in your phone. Make your phone more personable by changing the volume pattern, and help you meet your various needs.

Features of Volume Styles

Edit the volume for each app

It is common for volume levels to be inconsistent between different applications, but this brings a lot of inconvenience to mobile device users. For example, if you are using an app with a low volume, then you have to turn your phone very loud to hear the sound. But when you finish using it and switch to another louder app, such as YouTube, the phone will make loud sounds and cause discomfort to the user, which usually scares us.

Therefore, this feature of Volume Styles is crucial because it can adjust the volume individually for each application, rather than controlling the overall volume of the phone.

Volume Styles

When you launch the application, you will be presented with a Settings page, which you can set using the volume bar options. In the App Volume section, you’ll see a list of apps installed on your device. Select a specific app and set the volume and effects individually to your liking. You can turn the sound up or down according to your preferences and needs.

Additionally, you can create different volume profiles for different applications. For example, if you often listen to music while playing games, you can set the volume of apps that play music to high and the volume of gaming apps to a slightly lower level. This is really convenient and thoughtful, because if we could not adjust the volume of each application separately, we would have to suffer from the loud sound of two background music mixed together, which is very disturbing.

Volume Styles

Protect your hearing

According to scientists, sound levels of no more than 70 decibels are safe for your ears. When the volume on the phone exceeds a safe level and may damage hearing, the app will send a warning to the user. This is one of the important features to help protect the user’s hearing and provide you with a safer listening experience.

In today’s busy and dynamic society, hearing problems are growing rapidly. Unlike other problems, regaining hearing can take a long time, and it is not always possible to fully recover. This function can prevent this problem to some extent and protect your hearing.

Volume Styles

Adjust the interface as needed

Volume Styles also you to customize the interface when adjusting the volume. It is really interesting! This means you can customize the appearance and style of the volume bar when it appears. You can change them into pillars, molds and add many fancy effects to make your phone more interesting.

Volume Styles

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