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VPN Proxy Master V2.3.18 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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VPN Proxy Master is a secure VPN application that helps users access any blocked website or application and protects your personal information from being leaked or tracked.

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Application introduction

VPN Proxy Master is a powerful VPN application that provides users with a more secure and private Internet experience. Allow you to access any content you like, enjoy streaming video and keep your network private with this VPN.

VPN Proxy Master

Introduce about VPN Proxy Master

What is VPN Proxy Master?

VPN Proxy Master is a free VPN app that allows you to access the Internet securely and anonymously. And the app also allows you to access blocked or restricted websites while keeping your personal information private and never leaked, always keeping you safe. With this app, you can safely access blocked websites or unsafe content no matter where you are in the world.

VPN Proxy Master

Functions and features

Protect Internet access

The VPN Proxy Master helps protect you from cyber threats by encrypting all the data that travels between your device and the desired website. In this way, your data will be absolutely safe and 100% protected, and you can safely access the websites you want to browse.

In addition, public Wi-Fi often has security risks, but we have to use it in some special circumstances. However, VPN Proxy Master can perfectly helps you solve this problem by encrypting all your Internet access data, hiding your IP address from WiFi hotspots or any other network conditions. Hackers can no longer access your private information. Please feel free to use public WiFi!

VPN Proxy Master

Bypass geo-restrictions and access banned websites

Many online platforms can now be banned based on the user’s geographical location, it is also applies to different countries. However, a VPN Proxy Master helps you connect to a server located abroad by changing the IP address of your device, so you are free to access any blocked websites. This application can help you access any website, application and service without any firewall. In this way, any website or application will not bother you, and you can fully experience the happiness brought by the Internet.

Solve the problem of slow network speed

VPN Proxy Master helps you optimize your network connection by minimizing the information that needs to be transferred to your device, which can speed up your connection and improve your experience when accessing the Internet. The app uses advanced technology to provide you with fast and stable access speeds, no longer worrying about the weak network connection.

VPN Proxy Master

Privacy protection

The VPN Proxy Master encrypts all data between your device and the website, which means your personal information can’t be stolen or tracked. It also provides powerful security features, such as a security monitoring system, which can provide you with detailed information about possible security threats to your network so that you can act accordingly. In addition, VPN Proxy Master has a strong set of security protocols, such as AES 256-bit encryption, and all your personal information will be perfectly protected.

Intelligent network management

VPN Proxy Master will provide you with intelligent network management tools, which means users can manage their VPN connections more efficiently. In addition, this application also has functions such as application differentiation and bandwidth allocation to give users a better experience.

VPN Proxy Master

Custom application

In addition to this, you can customize the app according to your needs, such as changing privacy settings, choosing a server location, whether to update to the latest version, and adding to the list of websites that are allowed to be accessed without a VPN connection. Everything is based on your preferences.

VPN Proxy Master is easy to use, you just need to download and install it and complete a few simple steps to get started. You can easily use the functions of VPN Proxy Master to manage your applicationsand it will bring you the best Internet experience.

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