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Walli V2.12.60 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

Walli offers a large collection of wallpapers and themes for users to freely choose from, and the wallpapers are selected from the works of artists to ensure high quality, which can not be found in other wallpaper applications.

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Application introduction

Walli is a collection of artistic wallpapers for Android phones. Thousands of high-quality 4K wallpapers including anime, dark, space and more. Here you will find your own high-quality wallpaper, and unlock your creativity with mobile wallpaper.


Introduce about Walli

Make sure you always have cool wallpapers.

What is Walli?

Walli, simply put, is an app focused on creating a large collection of artistic wallpapers that you can download and use on your phone. The app has a loyal following of over 3 million users worldwide. It brings you tons of beautiful wallpapers, every picture can be said to be a work of art, ensuring that you always have a cool wallpaper. What’s more, you can easily find beautiful wallpapers that will make you feel happy and entertained every time you pick up your phone.


Features and characteristicts of Walli

High quality artistic mobile wallpaper

All of Walli’s creative wallpapers come from top professional artists. Every character and scene is full of creativity. This will make your phone look more interesting when they are available on mobile devices.

The app has more than 1,500 original, high-definition wallpapers, all carefully selected from high-quality pictures from more than 80 professional artists from various countries.

Not only that, beautiful wallpapers of different styles from young artists will be updated into the application every day. You can pick your favorite wallpaper and quickly apply it to your phone.

Plus, don’t worry about which phone you’re using and whether the wallpapers are compatible with your phone’s screen size, because each wallpaper has a built-in auto-resize feature that adjusts to fit all sizes of phones and tablets. You don’t need to do this manually, all you need to do is pick your favorite wallpaper and apply it to your phone.


The interface is clear at a glance and the visualization is vivid

Thanks to its very intuitive and simple interface, users can quickly view, feel the beauty, and choose their favorite wallpaper, without any effort or trouble.

All available categories of wallpapers are presented in one page, and you can easily browse and pick. Such as the typical items, it include Recent categories (by date), Popular Wallpapers list (wallpapers selected most often by users), and Featured categories (updated daily by the application editor).

Walli offers a wide range of themed wallpapers to meet your needs. The wallpapers in Walli are divided into many small collections: including street art wallpapers, black style wallpapers, cartoon style, horror style, about animals, plants, trees, love, space, birds, video games, 3D scenes, vehicles, abstract shapes , interesting shapes… clearly divided according to themes, you are sure to find what you really like.


Meet talented artists

Walli works with 80 talented professional artists from all over the world, and all the wallpapers are from these artists. And exclusivity is guaranteed, the selected wallpaper is only available on Walli, you won’t be able to find the same wallpaper from other wallpaper apps.

These artists all have their own different styles, and you will find an artistic personality that suits you, from quiet and surreal to cute, fun, romantic, and can be said to have all the styles.

Therefore, Walli is also a perfect place to find your favorite artist. If you are also engaged in creative related work, the wallpaper they bring will bring you more inspiration.


Artists can receive rewards

By using the app, users can help artists gain recognition for their art. Specifically, every participating artist is rewarded by sharing the revenue with them.

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