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As a classic RTS strategy game, it seamlessly blends nostalgia with innovation, offering a gaming experience that resonates across generations.

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Application introduction

Warage is an classic RTS game. Hey, if you’re itching for a nostalgic trip back to the golden era of real-time strategy gaming, then buckle up because we’re about to dive into the pixelated battlefield of Warage, a classic RTS game developed by the wizards at Digital Garbage. It’s a throwback to the days when commanding armies and outsmarting opponents were the name of the game.


Introduction about Warage

In the world of Warage, the land was surrounded by black, you need to build your city and manage your units and gradually dispel the darkness. The game adopt the classic RTS gameplay to offer a high quality strategy game experience.

As the development of mobile game, the strategy game combining many elements is becoming the trendy, but there also are some strategy enthusiasts want to play the pure and classic strategy game. Warage can perfectly satisfy their needs. The game will offers old graphic and pure gameplay. It’s not about cutting-edge graphics or flashy cinematics; it’s about the raw, unadulterated thrill of strategy gaming in its purest form.

Setting the stage for Warage is a fictional world torn apart by war, where various factions vie for dominance and control over precious resources. The lore is simple yet compelling, providing a backdrop for the battles that unfold on the pixelated landscapes. Your ultimate goal is leading your team to fight. In order to support fight, you also need to upgrade your armies, collect resources and so on. From lush green valleys to desolate wastelands, each map tells a story of conflict, and it’s up to you to script the next chapter.


Outstanding features


In the game, you are the commander of the one of two warring factions. The two factions have its own unique strengths and weakness. The factions within Warage are not mere cosmetic choices; they significantly impact gameplay. Each faction boasts a unique roster of units, structures, and technologies, fostering varied strategic approaches. Whether commanding the futuristic arsenal of the Coalition or harnessing the arcane powers of the Sentinels, players must adapt their tactics to exploit faction-specific strengths. At the beginning of playing, you’d better to learn more your faction, different units and map observation. If you master all these information, it will help you make strategical decision in a battle.

At its core, Warage preserves the classic RTS mechanics. You engage in base building, resource gathering, and unit management, all in real-time. The top-down perspective provides a comprehensive view of the battlefield, empowering commanders to make informed decisions as they navigate the challenges presented by their opponents.

Warage challenges you with a level of strategic depth that goes beyond simple micromanagement. From scouting enemy positions to deploying specialized units and managing resources efficiently, every decision has repercussions. The fog of war adds an additional layer of complexity, requiring you to anticipate and react to the dynamic ebb and flow of the battlefield.



True to the RTS tradition, Warage offers intense multiplayer battles where commanders clash for supremacy. You can compete against other players in the PVP mode. In this mode, you can play with up to 6 players in one turn. Whether engaging in one-on-one duels or participating in larger team-based skirmishes, the multiplayer component adds an unpredictable and exhilarating dimension to the game. Forming alliances, executing coordinated attacks, and outsmarting human opponents amplify the strategic thrill.

Besides the thrilling PVP mode, the game also offers PVE mode which adopt a powerful AI system. You can play game without internet connection.


Download Warage right now!!!

So, rally your pixelated troops, sharpen your strategic wits, and embark on a journey through the pixelated landscapes of Warage. In the game, every click counts, and victory is the sweet reward for clever commanders. Are you ready to lead your pixelated army to glory? Download Warage right now and start your legendary commander trip!!

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