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Weather & Radar USA V2023.24.2 MOD APK (Optimized)

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Weather & Radar USA is a practical application that can predict the weather. Not only that, it also has the function of real-time weather alerts, and it can also provide information such as pollen count, UV index, etc.

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Application introduction

Weather & Radar USA is a weather app that helps you view weather forecasts by geographic area with detailed information useful in all situations, including rain, wind, lightning, and temperature. The app provides real-time alerts to help you respond more proactively and promptly.

Weather & Radar USA

Introduce about Weather & Radar USA

A practical application to help you easily view the weather forecast.

What is Weather & Radar USA?

This is a practical application that provides accurate forecasts, as well as real-time weather alerts to help you monitor rainfall, storms, temperatures and other unusual weather events so you can take action if necessary.

There are already many weather forecast tools on the market, but Weather & Radar USA stands out because of the accuracy of its weather information and the simplicity and user-friendliness of its interface.

The app provides the latest temperature and wind forecasts, rain or thunder forecasts, daylight hours and storm risk for the user-selected geography or your area. There are also other detailed data such as air pressure, humidity and UV index. If you are planning to travel somewhere or go on a business trip or hang out with friends, with Weather & Radar USA, you can preview the weather forecast for a specific time period (up to the next 14 days) at your destination to help you prepare for your trip accordingly.

Weather & Radar USA

Features and functions of Weather & Radar USA

Provides detailed weather maps

This app provides detailed weather maps for various regions. Help you monitor weather conditions in real time by exploring weather radars, including high-resolution satellites, rain, wind and storm area radars, and more. Importantly, the interface of these maps, from the colors, distribution, and symbols, is very intuitive and easy to understand, and a lot of information is clearly visible to almost anyone when they first look at the map. If you read it carefully you will get a lot of other accurate and useful information.

Weather & Radar USA

Real-time weather alerts

Weather & Radar USA combines new weather modeling technology with the latest storm tracking technology to provide powerful and accurate real-time weather warnings. You’ll stay informed about current hazardous or unusual weather conditions in your area or beyond.

Weather & Radar USA

Follow weather news

Get the latest weather, climate and environmental news thanks to the latest and extensive weather news system from around the world. In addition, it provides expert analysis and relevant videos on the impact of weather. You’ll have advance information about upcoming storms, tornadoes, floods and other weather information so you can make appropriate backup plans.

You can also use this app to learn about the latest lake and ocean temperatures, and it also regularly updates beach and offshore weather, wind and wave conditions, and the information is very comprehensive. If you’re into water sports like swimming, surfing, sailing and fishing, you can rely on this free app to check the water temperature along your coast.

Weather & Radar USA

New feature: Live broadcast for 90 minutes

A new feature has now been added to the app: 90-minute live streaming, with which you’ll get all the important local and time data you need, combining weather observations and high-resolution models to determine the likelihood of rainfall or storms around your location.

Weather & Radar USA

Pollen count, UV index and air quality information

Provides the latest information on pollen counts, UV index levels and forecasts, and air quality in your area. This function is very considerate. If you are allergic to pollen, for example, before you consider traveling to other cities, you can check the number of pollen through Weather & Radar USA to decide whether to go. Ensuring your health is the most important thing.

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