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Reasons for recommendation

Web Video Cast is a useful application that can project videos from your mobile phone to a big screens such as your TV. And it supports multiple video sources and you can customize the image and sound quality of the video.

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Application introduction

Web Video Cast can help you cast movies, TV shows, and live video streams to Chromecast, Roku, DLNA, Fire TV, and more.

In today’s era where technology and the Internet are so advanced, we can watch movies without going to the cinema. Usually, we use our mobile phones, launch Netflix, and enjoy many popular movies at a low price. However, viewing through a mobile phone or computer sometimes does not meet our needs because the screen of the mobile phone or computer is too small compared to the projection screen. But now, Web Video Cast can help us project movies from our phones to the TV , it is a perfect solution to this problem.

Web Video Cast

Intruduce about Web Video Cast

Web Video Cast This app helps you project video from your mobile device or computer to a large-screen device, such as a smart TV or Chromecast, helping you watch videos and movies on the big screen easily and quickly. After decades of development, Web Video Cast now has an impressive 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store!

Web Video Cast

The usage of Web Video Cast

First, download it to your phone, launch it and allow it to access your device and data via permission requests. Only after accepting these terms of operation can it be used smoothly. Next, select the video source you want to stream to a large-screen device, such as a Smart TV or Chromecast (must be a Smart TV for this app to apply).

Then select the source of the video content you want to stream to the big screen, such as Netflix, YouTube or any other presentation application on your device. After selecting your video content source, click the cast to big screen icon, usually the streaming icon or Chromecast icon. Finally, just press the “Play” button and the video content will appear on your TV.

Web Video Cast

Advantages and functions

Support multiple video sources

To provide maximum support for users to watch any video they like, Web Video Cast allows videos from many other applications to be cast to your TV, including video upload applications, players like Google Drive, Dropbox, and NAS data storage devices . Watch popular websites for movies or videos, such as Netflix or Youtube, etc., and you don’t have to worry about your videos not being able to be projected to your TV.

Web Video Cast

Custom options

It also includes full output quality for you to get the best viewing experience. When you start transferring videos from your mobile device to the big screen, you will be able to choose the quality of the output video. We all definitely want to see our favorite content in the best quality but you have to consider the quality and size of the screen so we have to choose the right resolution

In addition, Web Video Cast supports many different video and audio formats, including OGG, MP3, WAV, and popular video formats, you can watch almost any type of video and audio you want.

Web Video Cast

Other useful functions

Web Video Cast also integrates other features, such as a flexible video player function that allows you to pause, fast forward and rewind at any time, all of which are available to help you get the best experience when using this application.

It also allows you to download videos directly from the web before transferring them to the big screen. In addition, the application also supports storing the progress of the video you are watching, so that you do not have to waste time looking for or recalling the progress of the last episode or video you watched, which can be said to be very convenient.

Web Video Cast

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