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Widgetopia V2.6.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

Widgetopia is an application that allows you to customize your phone screen. It has many widgets that you can make your own design and display any data you need.

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Application introduction

Widgetopia will bring you a series of unique mobile screens, the styles and styles will change every day, very unique and personalized, making your home screen unique!

Introduce about Widgetopia

Easily add color widgets so your phone home screen will never be boring.

You turn on your phone many times a day, which means you will see your phone’s home screen multiple times a day. A colorful, non-repetitive look is more important than you think because it makes you feel happy, excited or energized every time you hold your phone. So if you can, please be sure to find a way to change the look of the home screen, even this small thing, will bring great fun and inspiration to our lives. So, let’s change your home screen. You need a support tool, a dedicated widget to make that happen, and Widgetopia is your best choice.


What is Widgetopia?

Widgetopia was designed by WatchMaker, the team that made popular watch face design apps for mobile platforms. This time the team still made an application that can make many people cool, both in appearance and function, and the operation is also simple.

If you’re tired of the old interface and feel like there’s nothing new on your phone’s home screen, Widgetopia is for you. If you always want to find something interesting every day to awaken the endless inspiration in your mind, if you love creation and innovation, and the small pleasures in life, then Widgetopia is an indispensable tool for you to bring you positive energy.


Functions of Widgetopia

Create your own home screen design

The app offers more than 50,000 pre-designed widgets, and there’s bound to be one that fits your style. Make your home screen more interesting and lively with these unique and rich widgets.

Even more thoughtful, if you’re too busy to carefully select and edit every detail, you can use the available collections provided by the app. Over 100 pre-designed home screen and lock screen wallpapers, each with its own style to suit everyone’s aesthetic as well as today’s ever-changing fashion trends.

Widgets in Widgetopia are divided into 70 different themes, such as Christmas, Halloween, the seasons and more. You can also choose themes according to your customary preferences, such as dynamic, creative, abstract, and many other interesting themes, such as monochrome, multicolor themes, etc., no matter what you like, no matter what your job is, no matter what your hobby is , you can find the one that suits you in these Widget theme sets.


Customize all your favorite content on your home screen

The app also cleverly leverages the work of a previously created product, WatchMaker, by displaying detailed information down to the second through the time and date alarm functionality provided by an analog clock. There are now 1000 clock wallpapers in the application, giving you the freedom to design elements of your home screen.

In addition to the clock with countless options, it also has a rich display that contains all other necessary information such as weather, step count, PIN, images, and more. Many items can be customized and included in the design of the home screen. This app also allows users to combine their home screen or lock screen with their favorite animated GIFs. Overall, you will get a variety of combinations and create your own phone screen design according to your preference.

Note that you’ll need to enable access to the following features: Calendar, Google Fit, and the Location app. These permissions will help Widgetopia perform its basic functions better.


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