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WiFi Mouse Pro V5.3.3 MOD APK (Patched)

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WiFi Mouse Pro is a practical application that turns your mobile device into a mouse. It is compatible with various devices and operating systems and is easy to operate.

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Application introduction

WiFi Mouse Pro can quickly turn your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard, and touchpad. Have you ever wished your phone could become a wireless mouse to save you in times of trouble and distress? For example, you’re giving a presentation but the mouse suddenly broke and cannot be used. This app will help you achieve this goal. Please install this application before important meetings, it can save you some unnecessary troubles.

WiFi Mouse Pro

Introduce about WiFi Mouse Pro

It can turn your mobile phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard, and touchpad. It also supports voice recognition to directly output text to the computer.

Turn your phone into a wireless mouse

We may encounter some unexpected situations and troubles in work or life, such as the mouse suddenly running out of power during a presentation. Carrying a mouse isn’t convenient when you need to go far away for work. You changed the operating system, but the mouse is not compatible. You are using the trackpad on your laptop and suddenly it freezes. These situations can be annoying and embarrassing.

There are also situations where using a mouse is still most appropriate when playing an FPS shooter, but you don’t have a mouse, just a controller. In all of the above cases, if you have no other way to get a mouse it will be very troublesome.

But you can turn your phone into a wireless mouse that connects to your computer over your local network. While it’s not as comfortable as a real mouse, at least it can get you out of some trouble.

Install an app like WiFi Mouse Pro on your phone to prevent this from happening.

WiFi Mouse Pro

Uniqueness and function

Mobile wireless mouse is just a click away

It’s easy to use and operate, and after installing WiFi Mouse Pro on your device and customizing some basic Settings, you have a wireless mouse that you can use anywhere, anytime and with high compatibility. Moreover, whether it is a desktop or laptop wireless mouse movement can work on it, whether it is Linux, Win or Mac operating system, it will not affect the use. As long as there is an Internet connection, everything can be achieved quickly.

With this app, your mobile device can be turned into a wireless mouse, allowing you to move anywhere and still comfortably control everything you want. Work easily, enjoy music, watch movies, and play games, everything becomes simple.

WiFi Mouse Pro

Completely simulates the functionality of a wireless mouse

Just launch the app on your phone and you have a wireless mouse with the ability to customize the DPI and other metrics to suit your needs, and even multi-touch gestures. Dragging and operating are very smooth and accurate.

WiFi Mouse Pro will help you control most applications, programs and hardware. Just like using a mobile mouse to control multimedia on YouTube and Spotify, or starting software on a computer, opening files, browsing and editing files on the computer, it is exactly the same experience as using a real mouse.

When you need to use WiFi Mouse Pro to play games, the virtual mouse can also replace the ordinary game controller. It also provides you with some useful laugh features, such as you can take screenshots during the game.

In addition, as long as you hold your phone, you can control all operations on PPT or Keynote presentation files from a distance. The functionality of the WiFi Mouse Pro is almost the same as that of a computer mouse, and it is sure to help you avoid many embarrassing situations.

WiFi Mouse Pro

What types of connections can WiFi Mouse Pro be used with?

Use a local network to connect to a computer or other device, or you can use Bluetooth to connect to a device that supports this connection type. WiFi Mouse Pro is currently compatible with all major operating systems used on all devices today. In terms of connectivity, you have nothing to worry about.

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