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Wolf Tales V300320 MOD APK (No Skill CD, Speed)

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From the realistic wolf simulation to the educational insights and the immersive open-world exploration, Wolf Tales weaves a tapestry of authenticity and engagement.

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Wolf Tales is an exciting simulation game. In the dynamic landscape of mobile gaming, where players seek immersive experiences that transport them to fantastical realms, Wolf Tales has emerged as a howling success. Developed by the innovation minds at Foxie Ventures, this simulation masterpiece invites players to step into the untamed wilderness.

Wolf Tales

Introduction about Wolf Tales

1.Basic information

As its core, Wolf Tales is a simulation game that places players in the role of a majestic wolf, offering an immersive experience in a sprawling open world. Developed by Foxie Venture, a notable players in the mobile gaming industry, this game stands as a testament to the studio’s commitment to delivering captivating and visually stunning gaming experiences.


The setting of Wolf Tales unfolds in a vast and untamed wildness, where the beauty of nature takes center stage. Foxie Venture, known for its commitment to creating visually stunning and immersive game environment, has crafted a world that invites players to roam dense forests, traverse snow-covered landscapes, and discover hidden corners of the wild.

Wolf Tales

Outstanding features


The gameplay of this game revolves around the life of a wild wolf, allowing players to explore the wildness, from a pack, and embark on various adventures. The simulation elements provide a realistic and immersive feel, capturing the essence of the wild and the intricacies of wolf behavior. From hunting for prey to interacting with other wolves, players are invited to experience the world through the eyes of one of nature’s most magnificent creatures.

As the player’s upping level, the wolf will join other pack, make friends, and raise a family. If the player achieve the ultimate level, the game will change into a completely form that the wolf will become a true dragon and fight against other dragons which is other online players.

2.Realistic wolf simulation

Wolf Tales sets itself apart with its realistic portrayal of wolf behavior and ecology. Players experience the challenges of survival in the wild, including hunting for prey, forming packs, and navigating the complex social dynamics of a wolf’s life. The attention to detail in the simulation elements adds a layer of authenticity that captivates players and fosters a deeper connection with the virtual wolf persona.

Wolf Tales

3.Open-world exploration

The game invites players to roam freely in an expansive open world, filled with diverse landscapes and ecosystems. From dense forests to snow-covered mountains, each region presents unique challenges and opportunities. The open-world exploration encourages players to uncover hidden secrets, discover new territories, and witness the wonders of nature.

4.Pack dynamics and social interaction

Wolves are social creatures, and in this game, players can form and lead their own wolf pack. The dynamics of pack life, including communication and hierarchy, add a layer of complexity to the gameplay. Interacting with other wolves, both within the player’s pack and in the wild, contributes to the immersive and educational aspects of the game.

Wolf Tales

5.Customization and progression

As players embark on their wolf journey, they have the opportunity to customize their wolves with various fur patterns, colors, and markings. The progression system allows players to enhance their wolf’s abilities and attributes, unlocking new skills and traits as they navigate the challenges of the wild. The customization and progression elements add a personal touch to each player’s virtual wolf experience.

6.Stunning Visuals and Atmospheric Soundtrack

Foxie Ventures’ dedication to creating visually striking games is evident in Wolf Tales’ stunning graphics. The attention to detail in the wolf models, landscapes, and atmospheric effects adds to the overall visual appeal. The game’s soundtrack complements the immersive experience, capturing the serenity and majesty of the wild.

Wolf Tales

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As players navigate the untamed wilderness in the virtual paws of a wolf, they embark on a majestic journey that combines entertainment with education, capturing the essence of the wild in the palm of their hands. So, don’t hesitate to download this wonderful Wolf Tales and enjoy a completely different gaming experience.

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