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World History Atlas V3.42 MOD APK (Extra/AD-Free)

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The World History Atlas is a true model of a world history map that can take you to understand the history of mankind in various periods, and the data source is reliable, accurate, and updated at any time.

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Application introduction

The World History Atlas is an application that provides users with a realistic model of the world history Atlas. To provide you with an opportunity to study the rich history of mankind and witness the dramatic changes that have taken place in the places we live over time.

World History Atlas

Introduce about World History Atlas

A fascinating journey through human history, a great history book that tells the story of human development.

What is World History Atlas?

This is an application that collects all historical knowledge of mankind, which has been systematically rearranged in chronological and geographical order, themes and historical events. With this app you can travel through the fascinating history of humanity from the oldest civilizations to the present day. This is a rich, complete and interesting history book that you can easily read anytime, anywhere.

World History Atlas

What can it do for you

Take you to understand the history of human civilization

Entering the miniature historical world of “World Historical Atlas”, you will see the journey of mankind from ancient times to the modern world. The major and minor historical periods of mankind are represented in this application, they are expressed with images, graphics, colors in the most intuitive and easy-to-understand way.

Each historical period has different characteristics, development is concentrated in a certain region, and there are many problems related to it. This application recreates all these periods in detail. Important periods in human history include:

  • Prehistoric period: subdivided into the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age
  • Ancient times: Ancient East, Egyptology, Ancient Greece, Rome
  • The Middle Ages: We can explain the Frankish Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Vikings, the Hundred Years’ War, chiefs, serfdom, the Warring States Period…
  • Pre-modern period: Renaissance, European expansion, Holy Roman Empire, Reformation, religious wars, Enlightenment, cabinet wars, French Revolution, American Revolution…
  • Modern Period: Peasant Liberation, Industrial Revolution, Liberalism, World War I, World War II, Colonialism, October Revolution, Interwar Period, Massacre …
  • The strong development of humanity in the 20th century: Let us know the Soviet Union, the German Democratic Republic, the United Nations, the Cold War, the Eastern Bloc, the Middle East conflict…
  • 21st century: It is the post-war era, economic and trade wars, climate policy, financial crisis, renewable energy, robots, artificial intelligence…
World History Atlas

Human history books divided by events

Not only does it have important historical events divided by period, the World Historical Atlas can also take you to appreciate and review many great events in human history.

Military events/conflicts: battles, sieges, naval battles, religious wars…

Famous historical figures: emperors, kings, dictators, writers, doctors, heroes, composers, soldiers, poets, philosophers, botanists, actors, revolutionaries, astronomers , pope, bishop, statesman, architect, enlightener, prophet…

Historical natural events: hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, solar flares, and more.

Astronomical events: comets, meteors, supernovae

World History Atlas

Achievement and social structure are also two important factors that constitute human civilization

After many events and thousands of wars in various places, people have created many remarkable achievements under the influence of many motivating factors such as agriculture, industry, service industry and even war.

  • Historical societies: anarchism, fascism, communism, socialism, and other forms of socialism.
  • Artistic styles/paintings, music and literary works: Gregorianism, Impressionism, Dadaism, Neoclassicism, Classicism, Pop Art …
  • Historical sporting events such as World Championships, Olympic Games, World Cup…
World History Atlas

Advantages Of this app

Easy to use

It is very easy to use because the Atlas map in the World History Atlas is clearly and accurately divided into several thematic groups, including events, empires, tribes, countries, migrations, travel, exploration, locations and capitals, etc., so you only need to select, touch and scroll through the screen. You can find a map of any period of humanity and any historical event that you want to study and study.

Accurate data

Extract information from Wikipedia data, professional documents, atlases, historical documents, and historical maps. Whenever these sources change, the app is always updated.

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