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WPSApp Pro V1.6.67 MOD APK (Patched, Optimized)

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WPSApp Pro is a working WiFi network application that helps you detect if your WiFi is secure, hacked or used by someone. Easy to use, but it's function is very powerful.

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Application introduction

WPSApp Pro is the ad-free version of WPSApp. This is a useful wifi hacking app that allows you to connect to all wifi networks and also check if someone has hacked your wifi. With this app, your wifi will have extra security protection.

WPSApp Pro

Introduce about WPSApp Pro

Protect your Wifi with WPSApp Pro! Check the security of your WiFi network

Why do you need an app to detect if your wifi has been compromised?

Wifi is an indispensable part of daily life. Basically every family will have a Wi-Fi network installed, and our work and study are also inseparable from it. You or any other user will have a separate PIN setting when using this internet service and searching for connection. But how can we be sure that the PIN code is secure and that no one is willing to try to hack your wifi or just use wifi without your permission?

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This unforeseen intrusion may cause many negative consequences. First of all, the most basic thing is that even if there is no malicious intent, the more users using wifi, the more bandwidth will be shared, which will slow down the data transfer speed, and bring us a very bad experience. In a worse case scenario, wifi hackers may track the websites family members visit and extract illegal data from websites. So it is best for us to take measures to prevent these situations from happening.

Fortunately, WPSApp Pro will always scan and protect your wifi network, and you should download and use it.

WPSApp Pro

What is WPSApp Pro?

This is an application that protects your wifi network from abuse or random use, always ensuring safe and high-quality transmissions. If you feel that your wifi transmission speed suddenly slows down or other problems occur, you should use this application, it can help you find wifi networks to try to see if someone has invaded. In this way, your wifi network is always safe, minimizing the possibility of being used or intruded by others. And if the password quality is not strong enough, the application will directly provide you with some specific measures to help you improve password security.

WPSApp Pro

How does WPSApp Pro work?

First, after downloading and activating the mobile app, it connects directly to your WiFi via an 8-bit PIN code on your home Wifi router, or it can also access your wifi via the WPS protocol, how the app can help you detect the quality of your wifi network.

Once logged in, your wifi password will be displayed on your phone screen. If you want to know the quality of your wifi network or the quality of your password, click the app’s network Diagnostics button and the app will provide you with a short but detailed evaluation form. Through it, you can know whether your home wifi is safe or if it is in a compromised state.

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You will get a warning if your password is not secure enough, return to the previous page to change your password until the application reaches a good security assessment.

You can turn WPS on/off to completely prevent external intrusions, even if hackers use the WPS protocol, which is another way to increase the level of wifi security protection.

WPSApp Pro

Audit WiFi networks through different security levels

The assessment report sent to you after performing network diagnostics includes 2 symbols representing 2 different security levels of your wifi. A green check mark indicates a wifi network that is vulnerable to attack, and a red cross indicates that your home wifi is subject to the highest level of confidentiality.

However, this assessment may not be 100% accurate and is for reference only. But it can help you get a first look at the security of your home WiFi or find out some of the reasons why the WiFi is abnormal.

WPSApp Pro

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