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XCamera V1.1.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

XCamera is an application that gives you the experience of taking photos with a professional camera. Use it to take high-quality, clear photos, all parameters can be customized. There are a variety of filters to choose from. And provides video mode.

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Application introduction

XCamera is a professional tool for taking and editing photos, but even if you are an amateur photographer or a hobbyist, you can use this app well. This means that every user can use this app to make photo editing smoother, easier, and higher quality.


Introduce about Xcamera

Shoot and edit photos and videos in a professional way that is easy to use and suitable for everyone, including newbies. Each of us has used some camera lens app that combines video recording, but most don’t handle the details perfectly. Others are too difficult to use and require a lot of time and effort to learn and research. At this point you can try XCamera, it will give you a new experiencece.


Basic features and characteristics

High quality, easy to operate

XCamera is a very professional camera lens application for the Android platform. When you install XCamera on your device and take photos using its included camera, you will get a clear photo that is as high quality as a photo taken with a professional camera.

Every detail of XCamera has been carefully designed to bring convenience and comfort to users. The buttons are located in convenient locations and the customization is simple. Everything is kept as concise as possible, making it easy for everyone to use without taking up time to study.


Smart photography mode

XCamera is equipped with a high quality lens like a camera and offers 7 shooting modes: normal image, video recording, professional shooting, food photography, square photography and wide Angle panorama, which is its main function, giving you the perfect camera experience.

Each shooting mode has a default setting that has been adjusted to the standard parameters based on the set of parameters used by famous photographers. Of course, you can also customize the data and image parameters according to your own creative intentions and preferences, in order to get the most personal characteristics of your image.


19 different live filters

In addition to these shooting modes, XCamera offers 19 different live filters. This means you can select your preferred filter after selecting the shooting mode. When you press the shoot button, the image already has this filter on it from the start. Therefore, you can get the finished product immediately after shooting without using any other applications for additional filter adjustments in the later stage, which will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and energy.

XCamera also features powerful HDR capabilities that help users capture highlight and shadow details while capturing dynamic images with absolutely no blur. This feature brings better subject tracking and extremely high image quality. To own it is to own a camera.


Highly customizable with many handy extras

Every key metric you need in your photo or professional camera can be customized. For example, you can customize the focal length of the lens to zoom in or out of the shot. The white balance function can also be customized according to your needs, if you need to restore the original color of the image and adjust the color intensity please use this function. When you need to adjust your ISO to suit your surroundings, the custom exposure feature set can help you.

Of course, XCamera also has a Selfie function, clear front camera: 5x+ front zoom, brighter and clearer, and supports flash. You can also choose snapshots and bursts, so it’s time to have fun and capture every fleeting moment.


Professional beauty function

This camera app supports skin resurfacing, facial reshaping, deformity correction and other functions to help you restore your beauty.


Video mode

It supports 4K video and 4K Max video. Videos from standard definition SD to ultra-clear HD resolution can be recorded, and manual mode can be turned on during the recording process to adjust exposure and focus at any time.


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