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XEFX V2.2.7 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

XEFX is a picture editing APP, It allows users to insert dynamic images into photos, which is very different. You can also change the sky, weather, and water surface. And it has a lot of filters and effects.

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Application introduction

XEFX is a powerful picture and video editing APP and loop video creation tool.

Each of us is used to using photo editing apps to edit our favorite photos, removing all the flaws of our face or body to make the photos more beautiful and attractive. Among these applications, XEFX is watched and loved by a large number of users.


Introduce about XEFX

There are too many photo editing apps on the market today, and they are becoming increasingly saturated. Whenever an image editing software is released, users will consider whether the product has innovative features and is unique. XEFX has been downloaded more than 5 million times and has a positive rating of 4.7/5 on Google Play, indicating that it is well liked and supported by many users.


Not only that, because too many applications of the same type are released, users are also very saturated. It’s hard to choose and compare when there are countless photo editing apps in front of us, ranging from simple to complex, basic to professional. Usually, users just want to browse briefly to check the basic functions, whether it is convenient to use and download, and do not want to spend too much time and thought.


Differences and characteristics

All edits, effects and characters are animated

Have you ever wanted to insert a bright and beautiful flower into your artistic photo, gently swaying with a smiling girl? This was something that was impossible before, and now XEFX will help you do it in the easiest way, bringing your photos to life and make them more vibrant.

The developers have created more than 200 animations of different themes and categories to bring more beautiful effects to your photos. Users only need to upload the image to the application, then choose from the large number of effects provided by the app and insert it into the photo.

From plants, animals, to animations, all themes are individually crafted. All you need to do is select, arrange and position to have a unique photo.


Change weather and sky features

This is an important additional feature that helps you preserve and restore unforgettable moments captured in romantic and beautiful surroundings. Through this function, you can easily change the weather and the brightness of the sky in the photo.

For example, you can change a normal sky to a clear sky with a rainbow, sunset, dawn or a night sky with stars and moon. Change these in just two steps to restore and preserve your unforgettable scenes and moments.


Change the characteristics of the water surface

If you like to photograph rivers, lakes or oceans, you can use this feature to make the water surface more realistic, making the rippling water soft and light, and making your photos more romantic.

Insert music into photos

You wouldn’t expect XEFX to let you insert audio or video into your photos, much like Tiktok does. And its playlist is very rich, with many copyrighted songs, and will be updated from time to time. It’s a creative, unique feature that’s impressive.


Various special effects and filters

XEFX also has tons of effects and filters to suit any style of photo. From Vintage, Retro, VHS, Leak to other popular effects, you will have many choices. And again, you can turn ordinary photos into attractive images in just a few simple steps.


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