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Xender V13.1.0.Prime MOD APK (ADS Removed)

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Reasons for recommendation

Xender is a practical application that can be used to transfer and share files. It supports various types of files and devices. The transfer speed is very fast and smooth. You can also use it to copy and transfer files.

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Application introduction

Xender integrates all Share functions to help you share files, images, and videos to other devices, and can also convert videos to MP3. There are no file transfers that Xender cannot complete. Forget about those annoying transmission lines, slow Bluetooth, and other apps that waste mobile data!


Introduce about Xender

A cool multifunctional file transfer and sharing APP.

Move and share files quickly

Xender’s main function is to act as a “shipper” on your mobile device, transferring any type of files, data, images, videos and other forms of content to any other device or cloud storage.

What’s impressive about it is that the file transfer process is very fast while ensuring stability at all times. The quality and size of the file after transmission will not change and be damaged, and will always remain the same. Xender has many features, high compatibility, and supports multiple languages. It is your best companion for handling files in all formats, even rare file extensions.


Functions and characteristics

Share different types of files

Xender helps you quickly share music, videos, images, audio and all different types of files such as pdf, word, excel, ppt, zip, etc. When there are many files to be shared, you can also directly share a folder containing multiple files, which is very convenient and saves time.

Xender uses built-in functionality to transfer and share files, which means you don’t need to connect to a network to use it, so it saves resources and power

All of Xender’s operations do not require an additional USB connection, because it works entirely based on a Bluetooth connection, and you enable the device’s Bluetooth to share the files you want. And the transmission speed is also very fast, 200 times higher than ordinary Bluetooth, currently up to 40Mb/s, which is an amazing number for file transfer.


Supports cross-platform

Whether it’s Android, iOS, or Tizen, Windows, PC/Mac, you can transfer and share files between any device without restrictions, Xender can handle any situation. When transferring files, in addition to handling all formats, it helps you send unlimited large files of original size with a smooth and uninterrupted transfer process.

Once the recipient receives the files, they can immediately play and view the received music or video files without going through another converters, and all files will remain as they are.


Save social network videos

Xender has an additional feature to download all videos from popular social networking sites and online messaging applications like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram etc. So when you see a video you like in another app, you can download it to your device and then share it with other mobile device users through this app.

In addition to videos, it also allows you to download statuses on social networks.


Copy smartphone data using Xender

This app is a bit more useful in reality than you think. It can not only transfer files from one device to another one, share files with friends and family, or save some of your downloaded online content, but it can also help you copy all data from one phone to another.

Please use this function when you buy a new phone or want to copy all the content and data on the phone to another device as a backup. All the data can be transferred and copied quickly and arranged neatly.


Extract audio from video

When you like the background music in a certain video, you can use this function to convert it to MP3 with one click, turn off your phone screen and listen to the music without consuming the battery of your device.

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