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XPlayer V2.3.7.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

XPlayer is a professional video play tool that supports all video formats, it has the necessary basic functionality. It also protects the privacy of your video from being seen by others

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Application introduction

XPlayer is a professional video play tool that supports all video formats and 4K/Ultra HD video files, and can play in high definition.

It is the best choice for watching videos on Android phones and tablets, helping you watch videos in any format with the highest quality.

Introducing about Xplayer

HD video player, supports all formats.

What is XPlayer?

Most people have a lot of videos on their mobile devices that can’t be played or the quality is poor, which requires a special mobile video application to play. XPlayer does this very well and is trusted and praised by many people.

This mobile video player has all the necessary basic features to help you watch all your videos with the highest image and sound quality, and is compatible with almost all video formats, 4K/Ultra HD video files, and high fidelity during playback is also guaranteed. This app also protects videos on your device and prevents them from being viewed by others, even if they are using your phone.


Features of Xplayer

Watch videos in all formats

XPlayer can help you watch videos in various formats on your mobile phone, including rare formats such as MKV, M4V, AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, RMVB, TS, 3GP… and supports watching videos in ultra-high definition and even 4K quality.

The process of watching videos is very smooth, without lagging or any other problems. Thanks to XPlayer’s built-in hardware acceleration function, it can also help your device clean up some junk data, free up space, and speed up the device’s data processing speed. As a result, you can watch videos using this app more smoothly and with better quality than watching videos directly without using it.


Protect the privacy of videos on your device

The app automatically recognizes all the videos on the device and SD card and puts them all into a folder associated with the app so that users can freely choose and watch them. This way you can manage your videos as you like, or share them with others.

XPlayer acts as a privacy guard for all videos on your device, and this application will help you privately manage available videos in your personal folders, others cannot open the folder and view the videos in it, even if they are using your phone.


Play video on TV

With XPlayer, you can also use Chromecast to connect your phone to your TV to watch video on TV, and the quality is very consistent. All you need is the XPlayer, and no other device is required. You can also watch online videos through this app, enlarge the image and connect the sound to the TV.

A lot of customization when watching movies

There are many customization options to make the video viewing process more convenient. These features include downloading subtitles, adjusting the volume and brightness of the video, and adjusting the subtitles to match the audio in the video. There is also night mode, quick mute, video speed, sleep timer function etc., which you can choose or adjust.

When watching videos at night or in a poorly lit environment, you can turn on night mode, which can protect your eyes and vision. The timing function is also a very practical function. With it, you no longer have to worry about falling asleep while watching videos, and the device will be out of power when you wake up.

Other various playback options

You can also turn on automatic screen rotation or change aspect ratio, lock the screen while watching videos to prevent mistouch.

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