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XSCamera V3.0.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Reasons for recommendation

XSCamera is a mobile phone screen recording application, easy to use and supports all formats and qualities of video, the recording time in XSCamera is also unlimited.

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Application introduction

XSCamera is a practical application that helps you record your screen while playing a game, easily recording video in the background to meet your mobile screen video recording needs.

Introduce about XSCamera

It is a mobile phone screen recording application, even if your screen is locked, there won’t be any preview.


In daily life, you often encounter situations where you need to use your mobile phone to record the screen. For example, you need to record a screencast video to teach your parents or friends how to use a certain application, or to help them solve problems they encounter when using it. In addition, there are some gamers needs to livestream the screen while playing a game. If you have these special shooting needs, of course you cannot use ordinary video recording applications, but must use more professional Android screen recording applications, and XSCamera is an application that does a pretty good job in this regard.


What’s special about XSCamera compared to other video recording apps?

The design of XSCamera is more intuitive, easier to use and user-friendly, and there are many custom settings that can be set by yourself to meet your needs for different video recording methods. What’s more, it also supports users to record Android screen videos for multiple purposes.


The operation is very simple and does not require any other software or hardware support. Just open the application, press the record button, and start recording background background videos. Before or during recording, you can customize many options in your recording, such as fully hidden recording, previewing your selection, adding a logo, and progress snapshots.

This app has a feature that other similar apps cannot provide, using the app to recording the phone screen will not interfere with the mobile task in progress. This means you can take calls, take photos, or reply and send emails while recording.


Compatibility and flexibility

XSCamera is highly flexible and the recorded video is easy to use

The application supports all formats and qualities of video, and you can export recorded videos in various file extensions, from UHD, SD, HD to full HD quality. Thanks to this high level of compatibility, XSCamera is undoubtedly the best tool for making all kinds of screenshots, even if the finished product plays on a large screen with consistent quality , there will be no problem.


When using XSCamera, you can feel its high flexibility at any time. For example, when doing mobile background recording, you can choose to record with or without sound, with or without flash. If you want to add a voiceover, you can record clapping sounds while recording, or some other fun sounds to make your video more interesting.

Whether you use the front camera or the rear camera to shoot, you will get the same quality video. you can also record live livestream video. In any case, the quality of the video produced by XSCamera is not affected.


No restrictions on using XSCamera

XSCamera also works offline, even when you lock your phone screen. During the recording process, it will check the storage capacity of your device based on the storage and RAM test on your phone. The completed work will be automatically stored in a separate area for you to view and edit at any time. Of course, you can also save files to your device or cloud storage in other formats, it’s all up to you.


The recording time in XSCamera is unlimited, which means you can record videos no matter how long they are. The app is now available in a number of different languages, making it easier for users around the world to use it.


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